A series of podcasts to discover the Flanders of Jan van Eyck

VisitFlanders offers a podcast series dedicated to Jan van Eyck and his Flanders, including Ghent, Bruges and the sites of the Flemish Renaissance.

VisitFlanders presents a series of podcasts dedicated to the great painter Jan van Eyck: a journey, to be listened to, into Flemish art and culture, including Ghent, Bruges and the places of the Flemish Renaissance.

Six audio podcasts are available for all to discover the area where one of the greatest Northern European artists of the 15th century lived. Starting with the major Van Eyck exhibition in Ghent, a journey through art, nature and gastronomy will be offered.

Accessible on Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcast s and Google Podcasts platforms, the six episodes are produced by Piano P, a journalistic podcast platform. Each is about twenty minutes in length, and the narrative voice of Elena Scalet, in dialogue with Van Eyck, is interspersed with interventions by characters who make the narrative exciting. Among the guests involved are Till Holger Borchert, director of the Groeninge Museum in Bruges and one of the co-curators of the Van Eyck exhibition in Ghent, and Stefano Zuffi, a leading scholar of medieval and Renaissance art. The initiative is part of the celebrations dedicated to Van Eyck that continue in 2021.

Here is the link to the podcast: we will talk about one of Van Eyck’s most famous works, The Man with the Red Turban; Bruges, Merchants and Business; In Flanders, Contromano; Van Eyck’s Colors and Sounds; The Food of the World; The Flemish School.ù

Image: Jan van Eyck, Portrait of a Man with Red Turban (1433; oil on panel, 25.5x19 cm; London, National Gallery)

A series of podcasts to discover the Flanders of Jan van Eyck
A series of podcasts to discover the Flanders of Jan van Eyck

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