Pananti House web series returns with a new season

The Casa Pananti web series returns with a new season, revealing industry secrets and recounting real-life moments from the famous auction house.

Kicking off the second season of Casa Pananti , which returns with fourteen new episodes (the first six are already available online), continuing to reveal lesser-known situations related to the complex web of relationships with artists and with the search for works of art, and recounting real-life moments from this fascinating field. Conceived and produced by the Pananti Auction House Gallery, directed by Giovanni Piscaglia, in the second season Filippo Pananti takes us into the intimate universes of some of the major protagonists of twentieth-century culture, entering their studios in conversation with family members or friends, and through a journey through the memories of the Pananti Gallery.

In the first three episodes, we find ourselves involved within a debate in Sardinia that, thanks to unpublished documents found, arrives at the probable attribution of the Portrait of Medea to Amedeo Modigliani, perhaps made at the beginning of his career. In the fourth episode, Filippo Pananti and Giovanni Piscaglia ’s camera explore such extraordinary universes as that of Ottone Rosai, thanks in part to Piero Pananti’s memories. Through Isabella Bueno, the exploits of the brothers Xavier and Antonio Bueno in the Florentine cultural milieu are revisited in episode five, while episode five delves into the restoration of a Guttuso work by evoking the personal emotions of Filippo Pananti and the Gallery. Casa Pan anti can be viewed on Pananti Casa d’Aste’s website and YouTube and Facebook channels.

Giovanni Piscaglia born in 1984 is a director and author. He began his career shooting video clips, short films and video installations. Since 2012 he has written and directed more than 200 pieces of content for the Sky Arte HD channel. Among the most important documentaries: the original production Musei, a 16-part series divided into 2 seasons. In 2018 he debuted in cinemas with Van Gogh tra il Grano e il Cielo with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, produced by 3D Produzioni and Nexo Digital. The docufilm, distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide, reaches the finals of the 2020 Silver Ribbons as Best Art Documentary. In 2019 he signs the screenplay for the docufilm Ermitage the Power of Art, winner of the Silver Ribbon as Best Art Documentary 2020. In the fall of 2021 Napoleon In the Name of Art is released in theaters in which he directs Oscar winner Jeremy Irons. In 2023 he releases his new film Perugino, Rinascimento Immortale with Marco Bocci, for which he also writes the subject, produced by Ballandi and distributed by Nexo Digital. Winner in 2023 of the Grifone d’Oro as Best Documentary at the Love Film Festival and nominated for the 2024 Silver Ribbons as Best Art Documentary.

The Pananti House web series
The web series Casa Pananti

Pananti House web series returns with a new season
Pananti House web series returns with a new season

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