Luca Missoni's photographs on display at MA*GA in Gallarate

From Nov. 24, 2019 to Jan. 19, 2020, MA*GA in Gallarate(VA) will host Luca Missoni ’s (1956) solo exhibition entitled Moon Atlas.

The exhibition, curated by Maurizio Bortolotti, features 30 large-format photographic prints as well as an immersive installation, created specifically for this occasion, that highlights the artist’s deep passion for the Moon and its infinite variations.

In the 1960s, when space programs made the first lunar explorations possible, Missoni, still a child, began scouting the Earth’s satellite through a small telescope.

Later, his growing attraction to this celestial body led him to capture its changing appearance in a rigorous, scientific way through photography and to embark on an art project that recently led to the publication of a Lunar Atlas.

Although Missoni has been photographing the Moon for two decades from the same location and using the same instrument, the satellite’s expression always looks different, like a portrait of a person. The color obtained when printing and the shadow line, which marks the different phases of the moon, are the two main variables in his work.

“Photographing the moon has become a serial work, as if it were a scientific research,” says Luca Missoni. “To see how it changes in terms of light on the surface, I have always tried to replicate in the photographic print the same dimensions and shades.”

The layout of the exhibition, inside the Ottavio Missoni Tapestry Room, was designed by Luca Missoni himself in collaboration with Maurizio Bortolotti, with the aim of fostering a dialogue between the works and his father Ottavio’s tapestries.

Accompanying the exhibition is the volume Moon Atlas, Damiani Editore.

Luca Missoni lives with his wife Judith between Varese and New York. He is the Artistic Director of theMissoni Archives and is responsible for preserving and enhancing the historical and artistic heritage of the Missoni brand through research and communication projects that are always innovative. Between his passion for flying, airplanes and space, photography for Missoni has always been a fundamental part of his visual investigation. His photographic works were presented in 2001 by Photology Gallery in Milan. Missoni held his first solo exhibition in 2002 at Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans. Since 2008 his work has been represented by the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London and as of this year also by the Benrubi Gallery in New York where he is currently having a solo exhibition.

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Image: Luca Missoni, Moon Shadow (2019)

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Luca Missoni's photographs on display at MA*GA in Gallarate
Luca Missoni's photographs on display at MA*GA in Gallarate

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