Florence's Accademia Gallery, metal bollards arrive for Prisons

Gone is Plexiglas, in comes metal: at the Accademia Gallery in Florence, the furniture changes and the bollards in front of Michelangelo's Prisons are replaced.

News at the Accademia Gallery in Florence: after the new lighting for Michelangelo’s Prisons, with an LED system inaugurated a few days ago and designed with the precise aim of enhancing the surfaces of Michelangelo’s “unfinished” masterpieces, new protection systems for the works are now arriving in the Prison Gallery. In fact, the previous plexiglass bollards have been replaced with new metal spacers to prevent the public from getting too close to the works.

“Visitors,” explains Cecilie Hollberg, director of the Accademia Gallery in Florence, “will no longer find the cumbersome structures that protected Michelangelo’s sculptures in the Prison Gallery. They have been replaced by metal spacers, aesthetically much less invasive, the same as the one recently placed around the David. This important work began on Monday, May 9, with the Pieta and has just been completed, accomplished by taking advantage of the museum’s weekly closing days. These days, which from the outside might look like rest days, are, in reality, very hectic for the Gallery, between the handling of the works that are returning to the new Gipsoteca and the last step regarding the renewal of the lighting in the Tribuna, all in view of the great goal of the conclusion of the construction sites.”

These construction sites, which over the past two years have affected the Accademia Gallery, “testify to the commitment made to the MIC - Ministry of Culture,” the museum explains in a note, “in promoting its best possible enjoyment not only in the immediate but also to future generations.”

I nuovi distanziatori in metallo
The new metal spacers
La galleria dei Prigioni prima
The Prison Gallery before

Florence's Accademia Gallery, metal bollards arrive for Prisons
Florence's Accademia Gallery, metal bollards arrive for Prisons

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