Artonauts board game arrives to learn art while playing and having fun

After the art figurines, Artonauts presents the board game The Mosaic of Time, to learn art while playing and having fun. Available at newsstands and online at the Artonauts website.

After art figurines, Artonauts presents a board game to learn art while having fun. It is called The Mosaic of Time and is available at newsstands by special order, in City of the Sun stores and online at

The game stems from a short illustrated story, included in the box, in which a mysterious character has shattered the Arthonauts’ magic mirror by scattering different fragments of the artwork over time. Players will have to challenge each other in recovering and reassembling the works lost in time. Goal: Complete more artworks than your opponents. Saving the world’s most beautiful and famous masterpieces will therefore require intuition and strategy.

Each artwork is divided into two or more Opera Cards. Players take turns placing the Opera Cards on the Board so that the different fragments match each other and complete the artwork, but be careful not to let your opponents complete the artwork first! Game of Destiny, leap into the void, fatal attraction, disguise, are some of the adventures that can happen.

It is played by a minimum of two to a maximum of four people and the game can last from 30 up to 60 minutes, as players choose.

Time Mosaic is made from paper, recycled cardboard and wood. The use of plastic and its derivatives has been minimized in the production cycle and in the components of the game.

The game is part of the Artonauts project, which began with the publication of the world’s first art sticker album-a project that aims to promote art through play. The new episode of the Adventures of the Arthonauts - King Solomon’s Ring, is on sale in the best newsstands from January 4, 2023.

Artonauts board game arrives to learn art while playing and having fun
Artonauts board game arrives to learn art while playing and having fun

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