Rome, evening walks in the Imperial Fora return. Here's when and how

In Rome, it will again be possible to walk in the Imperial Fora at night. Here is when, how and according to which modalities.

Starting June 24, evening walks in the archaeological area of the Imperial Forums in Rome are back, thanks to a memorandum of understanding between the Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, which has made access to the multimedia museum under Palazzo Valentini available to the public. So, from June 24 to September 26, every evening from 6:30 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. (last admission), visitors, with the purchase of the Imperial Fora ticket only, will be able to take an evening walk through one of Rome’s most beautiful archaeological areas. Museum services and organization are by Zètema Progetto Cultura in collaboration with Civita Mostre e Musei for the opening of Palazzo Valentini.

The tour lasting a total of about 1 hour and 30 minutes, with access from the Imperial Forum ticket office near Trajan’s Column, is itinerant and conducted by Italian-language guides. The tour begins at the multimedia museum under Palazzo Valentini, where visitors can watch a film, edited by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano, with a virtual reconstruction of Trajan’s Column that allows a close look at the bas-reliefs and the military campaign they tell about: the conquest of Dacia, present-day Romania, by Emperor Trajan. An extraordinary tale that ends with the death of King Decebalus and the triumph of the emperor (duration about 13 minutes). Following the viewing of the film, visitors will continue with the guided walking tour that from the Forum of Trajan, through the passage under Via dei Fori Imperiali, leads to the Forum of Caesar with exit from Via Bonella on Via dei Fori Imperiali, near Largo Corrado Ricci / Via della Salara Vecchia.

In compliance with anti Covid-19 prevention measures, there is a quota entrance to the area (max 9 people per 20 minutes), temperature measurement (no access with temperature 37.5° or higher), interpersonal spacing. Mandatory use of mask. The visit is included in the Imperial Forums ticket. Recommended to pre-purchase online at or contact center 060608 (operating daily 9am-7pm). Tickets can also be purchased on site at the ticket office located near Trajan’s Column. For MIC card holders free admission and visit, with recommended reservation at 060608. Entrance from the ticket office in the Forum of Trajan, near Trajan’s Column (Piazza Madonna di Loreto).

Tickets: full 4 euros, reduced 3 euros. Free for MIC card holders with reservation at 060608. Tickets can also be purchased on the spot, subject to capacity, after filling out the master card with the visitor’s personal data. Groups with their own guide (max. 13 people + the guide) will be able to book admission at 060608 but will not be able to access the multimedia museum in Palazzo Valentini due to capacity constraints. The tour will therefore cover only the archaeological area.

Pictured: the Forum of Trajan at night.

Rome, evening walks in the Imperial Fora return. Here's when and how
Rome, evening walks in the Imperial Fora return. Here's when and how

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