An exhibition at Palazzo Braschi makes Nature dialogue with a ray of sunshine

Protagonist of the sixth Portfolio exhibition at Palazzo Braschi is Andreas Zampella, whose work places Nature in dialogue with a ray of sunlight. It is part of the Quotidiana cycle, conceived and produced by Quadriennale di Roma.

The Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi hosts until March 12, 2023 the sixth exhibition of Portfolio, a section of the Quotidiana exhibition cycle, conceived and produced by the Quadriennale di Roma, in collaboration with Roma Culture, Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, to delve into some of the most significant directions in Italian art of the 21st century. As part of Portfolio, eleven artists under 35 are presented in the exhibition once a month with a single work. Recounting their research is a portfolio developed by Gaia Bobò, curator-in-residence at the Quadriennale.

The protagonist of the current exhibition is Andreas Zampella (Salerno 1989), an artist who in his research molds real “enactments” of recurring subjects and obsessions that are combined to generate alienating visions. His works stand on the threshold of a precarious balance, aiming at unveiling the performative processes of matter and admitting within themselves the elements of the unpredictable and unexpected. This continuous and repeated tension is expressed within force fields in which the artist triggers logical and material short-circuits, generating silent and imaginative narratives.

Passage to the Dark (2022) is a painting conceived and made in a condition of semi-darkness, within a room lit only by the rays of morning light coming from air vents. At one of these, the artist imagines the presence of an element of spontaneous vegetation sprouting on the wall. Within an alienating context, Zampella emphasizes a vital detail and does so through the precarious dialogue the latter manages to entertain with another element: a fleeting ray of sunlight. This subtle seeking of Nature in the siege of a human space is present in the work and also expands into the space of the exhibition, in an ideal continuity between imaginary dimension and reality, reminding us how the division between the world of emotional experience and the physical world is only a fragile convention that we are capable of breaking down every day.

The exhibition has free access and no reservations, and can be visited Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Image: Installation view of Passage to the Dark (2022). Photo by Carlo Romano

An exhibition at Palazzo Braschi makes Nature dialogue with a ray of sunshine
An exhibition at Palazzo Braschi makes Nature dialogue with a ray of sunshine

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