Armando Fettolini's solo exhibition in Monza: showing a never-before-seen collection

LeoGalleries in Monza presents a solo exhibition titled "Sollievi" by Armando Fettolini from Sept. 23 to Oct. 15, 2022. On display is a never-before-seen collection that goes beyond shades of blue.

From September 23 to October 15, 2022, the LeoGalleries in Monza presents the solo exhibition Sollievi by Armando Fettolini (Milan, 1960), curated by Matteo Galbiati. The artist returns with a new collection that has led him beyond the chromatic evidence that has always been a characteristic feature of his work.

Beyond shades of blue, Fettolini has found new horizons awaiting him that have the line and evocation of mountains. A new artistic speculation, where the line becomes earth again, rededicating to the blue “the possibility of being sky again.” A cycle of works charged with a new vitality, in which emerges clear in the artist “the need to express, with palpable relief, the different path that looms in his works and that, little by little, leads him to unprecedented outcomes all to be discovered and investigated. One senses a newfound peace, a relief cloaked in lyricism that manages to rise above the splendor of blue.”

“The fascinating torment embodied in the blue whose truth-telling may have been exhausted drove him to observe something different,” Galbiati said in the text accompanying the exhibition catalog.

“Penetrating the blue, reaching its extreme edge, Fettolini was able to feel a relief, a respite, a pause, after so much impetuous searching,” Galbiati added. And out of this relief, behind the thinning of the blue, emerged the silhouette of a mountain, “sometimes specifically recognizable, in other cases fictional, executed with a mnemonic automatism, a presence that is increasingly clear and marked.” On display will be the layers of papers on which the artist has given body and three-dimensionality to the color, such that tactile and concrete elevations and thickenings emerge from the work."

At the same time as the exhibition promoted by LeoGalleries, where Fettolini’s latest and unpublished works are presented, another solo show tells the evolution of his art, in the spaces of the Monastery of Mercy in Missaglia.

Image: Armando Fettolini, Quinte e sipari (2022; mixed media on board and tissue paper, 80 x 90 cm)

Armando Fettolini's solo exhibition in Monza: showing a never-before-seen collection
Armando Fettolini's solo exhibition in Monza: showing a never-before-seen collection

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