In Milan a major anthology of Israeli Yuval Avital at the Building space

The Building space in Milan is hosting "E T E R E," a major anthological exhibition by Israeli artist Yuval Avital, from April 8 to June 26, 2021.

The BUILDING space in Milan opened on Thursday, April 8, 2021, the solo exhibition E T E R E by Israeli artist and composer Yuval Avital (Jerusalem, 1977), curated by Annette Hofmann. The exhibition project is specially conceived by the artist for the four floors of BUILDING, structuring itself as a narrative in four chapters where each space is conceived as a microcosm enclosing and reflecting a defined environment, connected to the others according to a path of ascension.

Like his works, Yuval Avital conceived E T E R E as an immersive and total environment in which different languages and expressive tools converge. Indeed, the exhibition presents a selection of sound sculptures, photographs, video projections and multimedia installations, some of them never exhibited before, representative of the artist’s research, alongside an unprecedented pictorial production of more than 80 paintings presented to the Italian public for the first time.

As curator Annette Hofmann relates, “The exhibition, Yuval Avital’s first solo show in BUILDING, invites visitors to participate in a journey within the artist’s multidisciplinary narrative. At the heart of Yuval Avital’s practice is the present moment, understood in an absolute sense and focused on exploring the concepts of identity/subconscious, darkness/light and love/desire. Each work reflects the formal and material qualities of a shared consciousness and experience, which originate a magic circle not only within the unique architecture of BUILDING, but also within its own narrative. All works describe a compelling search for truth that leads the visitor to confront his or her own present moment.”

The exhibition is open until June 26.

Yuval Avital is internationally known for his large-scale installations and creation of complex multimedia works that challenge the traditional categories that separate the arts. Approaching participatory art practices as well, his research includes the use of painting, sculpture, performance, video and photography, often in dialogue and union with the sound component, the starting point of his production.

For all information you can visit the official BUILDING website.

Pictured: Yuval Avital, Silent Night (2018; mixed media on paper, 42 x 59.4 cm).

In Milan a major anthology of Israeli Yuval Avital at the Building space
In Milan a major anthology of Israeli Yuval Avital at the Building space

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