Intelligence has no gender: an exhibition in Milan on Adriana Bisi Fabbri and Giannetto Bisi

The Museo del Novecento presents the exhibition L’intelligenza non ha sesso. Adriana Bisi Fabbri and the Network of the Arts (1900 - 1918), curated by Giovanna Ginex and Danka Giacon and promoted by the City of Milan | Culture. The exhibition, located in the Archives of the Twentieth Century on the fourth floor of the Museum, is open from December 3, 2019 until March 8, 2020 and focuses on the reinterpretation of the artistic activity and biographical events of Adriana Bisi Fabbri (Ferrara, 1881 - Travedona Monate, 1918) and her husband Giannetto Bisi (Ferrara, 1881 - Verona, 1919).

A painter and caricaturist, Adriana Bisi Fabbri emerged as an autonomous figure in the complex artistic scene contemporary to her. Self-taught, intrigued by every technique and experimentation with which she came into contact, her iron will to be considered a well-rounded artist guided her through an era and context in which many recognition and educational paths were precluded to women.

The result of an intense research activity involving the Fondo Bisi Crotti, owned by the Museo del Novecento, the exhibition route runs along three lines: the biography of Adriana Bisi Fabbri, the passion that characterized her relationship with her husband Giannetto Bisi, who would sustain her artistic path throughout her life, and the dense network of relationships that the couple weaved with the protagonists of two decades of Italian art of the last century. A study of the archival sources has revealed an account of a pulsating artistic landscape full of projects, initiatives and movements of which Adriana Bisi Fabbri and Giannetto Bisi were an integral part.

More than two hundred works including paintings, drawings, graphics and documentary material build a glimpse into the intellectual life of the turn of the century. Art, journalism and the avant-garde accompany the visitor on a journey from Ferrara through Bergamo and Milan, meeting the likes of Umberto Boccioni, Cesare Laurenti, Ugo Valeri, Eugenio Bajoni and coming into contact with avant-garde groups in Turin, Florence, Venice and Rome. The point of view of Adriana Bisi Fabbri and her husband Giannetto, captured in the couple’s dense unpublished correspondence, provides a privileged key to understanding the context in which the couple moved, weaved relationships and rapport, drew inspiration from suggestions they encountered, and developed professionally and emotionally.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog published by Mondadori Electa.

For all information you can visit the official website of the Museo del Novecento.

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Intelligence has no gender: an exhibition in Milan on Adriana Bisi Fabbri and Giannetto Bisi
Intelligence has no gender: an exhibition in Milan on Adriana Bisi Fabbri and Giannetto Bisi

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