Nicola Samorì exhibits two new works at Ravenna's Classense Library

On Saturday, December 21, 2019 in Ravenna at the Mosaic Room of the Classense Library, Nicola Samorì ’s artistic intervention created for this space was presented. It consists of two new works: Lucia and Solstice d’Inferno, both visible until February 21, 2020. Since 2018, four contemporary artists, four Italian painters have been greeting the arrival of the seasons by specially creating one or more works for such an extraordinary space as the Mosaic Room in the Classense Library. Previously Giovanni Frangi, Luca Pignatelli, Giovanni Manfredini, Nanni Balestrini, Arnold Mario Dall’O, Daniela Alfarano, Daniele Galliano, and now Nicola Samorì on this Dec. 21.

Nicola Samorì (Forlì, 1977) is one of the best-known painters and sculptors on the contemporary scene. A precocious talent, he has established himself nationally and internationally with works of the highest quality of execution. A graduate of theAcademy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he presents a relevant curriculum of exhibitions and awards. Solo exhibitions include those held in Perth (2003), Cape Town (2004), Bologna, Trento (2005), Bologna and Turin (2008), Milan (2010 and 2019), Trento (2011) Berlin and Basel (2018, 2019), Tübingen and New York (2012), Vicenza, Lissone, Kiel and New York (2014), and Rome (2016) . Samorì, who now lives in Bagnacavallo, attended the Liceo Artistico in Ravenna, during the years when the institution also experienced a precious space such as the Sala del Mosaico, a place particularly dear to him.

The Ascoltare bellezza cycle is a project promoted by the Ravenna City Council Culture Department, Istituzione Biblioteca Classense, MAR Art Museum of the city of Ravenna and curated by Paolo Trioschi.

As in a moment of recollection, each day of the beginning of the season opens with a tribute to nature through art, the most vivid expression of human creativity. The same one that allows us to externalize what is within us and refresh ourselves in listening to beauty. For this reason, on the day of each solstice or equinox, a special art intervention is presented at the Mosaic Room of the Classense Library (whose floor is a precious work that glows with history). Each exhibit remains on view for 60 days. Access to the Mosaic Room is from Via Baccarini, 3 in downtown Ravenna.

The large room on the second floor of the Classical complex preserves the floor mosaic placed here in the late 19th century, when this space was part of the Pinacoteca dell’Accademia di Belle Arti, then located on Via Baccarini. The mosaic consists of three panels with different decorations and was found in 1875 in the Classe area, in the vicinity of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe. The most likely hypothesis, at the current state of studies, assigns the floor to the Basilica Beati Probi, a grandiose religious building dedicated to one of the first bishops of Ravenna. After the discovery, the mosaics were composed in this environment between 1889 and 1890 under the direction of Gaetano Savini (1850-1917), a painter, decorator and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts. The mosaic, which can be attributed to masters of oriental origin, is considered the most elegant floor mosaic found in the Ravenna area.

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Nicola Samorì exhibits two new works at Ravenna's Classense Library
Nicola Samorì exhibits two new works at Ravenna's Classense Library

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