The wonder of the imperfect in Doisneau's shots: on display in Lucca

From July 8 to Nov. 12, 2017, the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is dedicating an exhibition to Robert Doisneau's most famous shots.

Yesterday, July 8, the exhibition"Robert Doisneau .A l’imparfait de l’objectif" which can be visited until November 12, 2017.

Curated by Maurizio Vanni and organized in collaboration with Atelier Robert Doisneau and MVIVA, the exhibition presents his most famous photographs in 80 black and white images that will allow visitors to learn more about the great photographer’s artistic activity.

Images that may not represent a precise time, but capture scenes of life in the city of Paris that are always relevant. His intent is to “fish” for the right image to represent the imperfect, the spontaneous, the atypical, the lives of ordinary people.

“Scenes of crazy and extraordinary normality: figures filmed during what they might have done hundreds of times, portrayed when they are about to do something seemingly unusual or while they are doing it. Everything comes across as dynamic and slow, past and present, sad and ironic, evocative and moving, evocative and foreboding, bright and blurred, perfect in its imperfection. Robert Doisneau tells the true story of Paris, that of the suburbs and suburbs, that of the humblest and truest characters, and that of kisses stolen or gently extorted. In his photos the place is never a simple setting, but always dialogues with the figures, even when it is not in focus: the city manifests itself in all its splendor even when it takes on substance through the contrast between light and shadow,” says the curator.

Source: press release

Image: Robert Doisneau, Les pains de Picasso (Vallauris, 1952).

The wonder of the imperfect in Doisneau's shots: on display in Lucca
The wonder of the imperfect in Doisneau's shots: on display in Lucca

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