The landscapes and art of a vacation in Sardinia

A guest post by Andrea Congiu introduces us to murals, a typical art form in Sardinia, to entice us to vacation... !

We publish a post by Andrea Congiu that takes us to Sardinia! :-) Here is how Andrea wants to describe himself to our audience: “I am Andrea Congiu, I am 34 years old, as a hobby I am a landscape photographer and I am passionate about art and culture, as well as the traditions of the places I visit.” Happy reading :-)

Art is a concept that goes well with Sardinia, a true work of art on the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, visiting the island one notices how its beaches, views and landscapes look like masterpieces by a great artist. Along with the wonders offered by nature, Sardinia is also a kind of open-air museum in that the passage over the centuries of different epochs and populations has left many signs of the various artistic currents that have followed one another over the ages.

Una spiaggia in Sardegna
A beach in Sardinia
A masterpiece like Sardinia deserves to be experienced intensely with a well-planned vacation so that you can immerse yourself in the natural and artistic beauty of the island, having nearby a place to stay that offers the benefits and comfort needed to visit the desired Sardinian areas, which can easily be found among the resorts made available on the portals that deal with tourism on the island such as Sardiniaexclusive.

The scenic beauty of the island is a recurring theme, especially at the beginning of the summer period where Sardinia becomes one of the most sought-after destinations to spend one’s vacation. But along with natural landscapes, Sardinia is also home to an important artistic culture of works that attract many tourists, starting from prehistoric times where stone statues depicting deities were made, and then leading to the bronze statuettes of the Nuragic civilization. With the passage of time, Sardinia has been a land of conquest for so many civilizations that have left many signs of their art on the island, especially in the large centers where modern constructions alternate with buildings from ancient times, up to the contemporary era where among paintings and sculptures we can mention the typical Sardinian murals.

Murals are painted on village walls and are a characteristic feature ofSardinian art. They were born as isolated cases in the late 1960s, more as a form of protest by the young anarchists of the time. As the years went by, however, murals became more and more common in various parts of the island, becoming a way of telling the country’s customs and traditions. The cradle of this phenomenon is Orgosolo, in the Nuoro area, where its greatest exponent was the Sienese painter Francesco Del Casino, while the Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola was a great promoter of it in San Sperate, which now houses more than 300 murals within the village walls.

Un murale a Orgosolo
A mural in Orgosolo
Credit: Daniel Ventura

Sardinia is a source of inspiration for many artists, who draw inspiration from the island’s traditions in their works, paintings or sculptures that tell the story of life, especially in inland areas where the customs and traditions of the last century are still handed down and carried on from generation to generation. In fact, there are many artists, even non-Sardinian ones, who, after having had the opportunity to breathe life in the parts of the island where the modern lifestyle has not changed the way of life of the local people, wanted to depict it through their works.

Therefore, Sardinia is an excellent destination for an art vacation showing a great traditional culture that matches the artistic masterpiece painted and sculpted by nature in this beautiful island.

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