Travel to France and stop in Normandy: the wonders of Giverny and Bayeux

Travel to France to admire the special features of the resorts of Giverny and Bayeux

If you, too, are in the throes of organizing a nice vacation on French soil, even if only for a weekend, you cannot fail to consider visiting one of the most beautiful and characteristic regions of the country: Normandy. The latter is particularly known for two of its towns, namely Giverny and Bayeux.

Giverny: it looks like a beautiful village in the middle of the countryside, its fame comes from the fact that it was the residence of the family of Monet, a well-known impressionist painter who lived in Giverny from 1883 until his death in 1926. The family home is the main attraction of the site: its bright pink color with green-colored windows and doors brings almost commotion among visitors. Inside it is possible to admire everything that belonged directly to the great Monet. Characteristic is the bright yellow dining room and the kitchen covered in azulejos. Finally, to be admired is the artist’s collection of Japanese prints. Outside is a beautiful garden, the wonder of the whole house. It, during the summer and spring, is overflowing with flowers and colors, a real heavenly vision for the eyes of tourists. In this garden, the painter Monet decided to divert the Epte River, which he loved to cross in his little boat.

Bayeux: This town dates back to the Norman era, it was miraculously saved from the immense destruction of the bombings. Its streets retain, all today, that typical medieval charm: from the canals with mills in them, to the churches, to the total absence of industrialized areas. Bayeux, however, is known for the Unesco World Heritage Site it houses: it is an extremely valuable medieval tapestry that it has guarded for centuries. It is named the Tapisserie de Bayeux, that is, sixty-eight meters of linen cloth that recounts the invasion of the Normans into England, obviously from the French point of view, recounting their epic exploits that took place in the eleventh century. Another place to visit is Bayeux Cathedral, perfect Gothic architecture with a marvelous façade composed of no less than five portals, accompanied by Romanesque round arches and Gothic-style arches. A splendid place to end one’s vacation in France at its best.

La Cattedrale di Bayeux
The Cathedral of Bayeux

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