MiBACT launches competition for tourism creatives: 180 thousand euros for 6 projects

A competition for creative people in order to develop six projects to boost tourism in the country. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage is launching it.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is launching a “content marketing contest”: translated into Italian, a contest for creatives. The aim is to launch the recovery of the tourism sector in the country: the MiBACT therefore intends to identify creatives who, through novel and innovative proposals, will create content to promote proximity tourism, tourism in villages and slow tourism, i.e., tourist destinations that fully meet the needs of the “new normal” imposed by the Covid-19 emergency. The ministry will fund six projects, to be implemented by November 2020, with 180,000 euros.

The contest is titled Journey to Italy. New Ways of Telling Tourism, is organized in collaboration with Invitalia, kicked off at 3 p.m. on Aug. 31 and will close on Oct. 2, also at 3 p.m. The creative proposal, MiBACT points out, must be innovative in terms of codes, format and “tone of voice,” and must not have any particular geographic or seasonal connotations. The works must tell, through a modern and original tone, the possibilities offered by the Italian territory, in its entirety, for travelers who intend to discover the country, with particular reference to the three categories of tourism identified.

The contest is already online on the Zooppa platform, from which it is possible to consult the rules, download materials and submit the proposal. The six projects are divided into three categories: proximity tourism, village tourism and slow tourism. There will be a maximum of two winners in each of the categories, and each will be given a production budget of 30,000 euros for the realization of the finished products, to be produced between October and November 2020. Specifically, the authors will have to submit the final storyboard after one week from the designation and will have to finalize the production of the content, in coordination with Invitalia, within five weeks from the publication of the ranking list of the admitted projects. MiBACT will acquire exclusive rights of use over the selected creative projects and final executives for the realization of communication campaigns on the online and offline institutional channels of the Ministry (such as, for example, website, social channels, etc.) and other institutional entities.

To participate in the contest, MiBACT points out, projects must be original and unpublished work. By uploading content, one must declare that he or she owns all rights to it and that it does not infringe in any way on the intellectual property rights of third parties, under penalty of exclusion from the contest.

“The idea behind this project,” explains Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Undersecretary for Tourism at MiBACT, “is to invest in new ideas and languages to communicate the extraordinary beauty of our tourism heritage. Together with the invaluable collaboration of Invitalia, we are putting out a call to collect from the market, from companies, from young startuppers inventiveness and a lot of creativity to tell the world of villages, slow tourism (the one done on foot or by bike) the one closest to our homes. Something that could be considered ancient but that has in it all the strength of modernity and the look towards the future.”

“On the other hand, the tourism sector, which is neuralgic for our country,” says Domenico Arcuri, ad of Invitalia, “is facing considerable criticalities because of the health emergency. With ”Viaggio in Italia“ we invest in creativity and the ability to tell with originality innovative forms of tourism, which combine the enhancement of territories with environmental sustainability and allow a rapid restart to this sector as well.”

MiBACT launches competition for tourism creatives: 180 thousand euros for 6 projects
MiBACT launches competition for tourism creatives: 180 thousand euros for 6 projects

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