Pole of the 1900s, online initiatives kick off for Remembrance Day

The Polo del '900 in Turin has organized a rich program of online initiatives to remember all the victims of the Holocaust.

On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Turin Pole of the 20th century has planned a rich calendar of online initiatives to remember all victims of the Holocaust. The Turin museum venue’s “days of remembrance” will be held from January 18 to February 7, 2021 on web channels. An initiative organized thanks to the support of the Resistance and Constitution Committee of the Regional Council and with the sponsorship of the Jewish Community of Turin.

Streaming live streams, podcasts, music, screenings, and readings will address the theme of memory through various languages, addressing a diverse audience, with a special focus on schools and new generations.

Other initiatives are planned in the territories of Piedmont’s provinces by the Historical Institutes of Resistance and Contemporary History. These include the project involving all the Piedmont Historical Institutes, in collaboration with the National Film Archive of the Resistance, in the production of the video The Deportations from Piedmont (1943-1945). An idea to restore to citizens the regional dimension of deportation, enhancing the sources of memory and historical sources in the various archives of the Institutes and local administrations. Between 1943 and 1945 Piedmont was the scene of numerous deportations, so much so that it was the second Italian region in terms of the number of people deported for racial reasons.

“Making remembrance is a moral and civil obligation in order not to disperse the fatigue of remembrance and the pain of the offenses that for too long it was possible to read on the faces of the survivors,” commented Regional Council President Stefano Allasia. “Internment in the camps was an extreme experience, a descent into the abyss, inconceivable for those who consider history a progressive journey of evolution and civilization. The germ of intolerance and hatred is still present today.”

“As has already happened for April 25,” added Council Vice President Mauro Salizzoni, “this pandemic will prevent us from celebrating Remembrance Day as it has always been, meeting and gathering together. This is not why the commitment of the Resistance and Constitution Committee and the many associative realities that are part of it, starting with the Polo del ’900, has failed. Never as today do we have the urgency not to forget what has been, to ’commemorate’ that is, to share a common Memory.” “Against the fascisms of yesterday and today, against intolerance and racism,” he concludes, “we are all called to a strong cultural, educational and institutional commitment.”

“A different day of remembrance that will not allow people to meet live,” says Alessandro Bollo, director of the Polo del ’900, “but in light of the experience gained during 2020, the Polo del ’900 has developed quality programming that takes advantage of digital opportunities to allow, on the one hand, remote participation in the initiatives through the system of live streaming, and on the other hand, the enjoyment over time of digital content, reaching even those who not being from Turin would not have been able to visit the Polo. In addition, we have paid close attention to languages ranging from podcasts to music, from debate to cinema, particularly involving students and teachers at this delicate time of school without school.”

The program will kick off with a tribute to Liliana Segre by the Centro Studi Piero Gobetti. Beginning with her autobiography Memory Makes Free. The Broken Life of a Little Girl in the Shoah, edited by Enrico Mentana (Rizzoli, Milan 2018), the childhood, the bond with her father Alberto, racial persecution, the lager, the free life, Jewish identity, depression and the affections of life senator Liliana Segre will be retraced. The event will be broadcast online on the Piero Gobetti Study Center’s YouTube channel at 6 p.m.

To view the full program: https://www.polodel900.it/giorno-della-memoria-2021-27-gennaio/

Pole of the 1900s, online initiatives kick off for Remembrance Day
Pole of the 1900s, online initiatives kick off for Remembrance Day

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