A podcast is born that chronicles Italian cities through music

It is called Music & The Cities, is hosted by Raffaele Costantino, and is a podcast that was created to tell the story of Italian cities through music, with testimonies from musicians and writers.

It is called Music & The Cities and is a podcast to discover the cities of Italy through music. The project is the brainchild of Raffaele Costantino, radio host, popularizer and music producer, whose podcast takes listeners on a journey through the textures of the musical fabric of some of Italy’s major cities-Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Naples, Lecce, and Bologna (the latter a UNESCO Creative City of Music).

“Italy,” says Costantino, “is a country very rich in artistic landscapes, and each city has its own music scene with its own history and evolutions. Music & The Cities tells the story of their differences by building an overall picture.” Even in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the streets are silent and music is confined to our stereos or portable listening devices, as live performances have been at a standstill for months, music nonetheless continues to dictate trends and draw the cultural, social and political fabric of the cities it inhabits and the people who gravitate to this ever-changing world. And it is to chronicle this perennial change that Music & The Cities was born.

The podcast therefore intends to put music at the center of the story, to reveal alternative perspectives through the experience of some of the protagonists of the Italian creative scene, from north to south. Music & The Cities promises to bring out a choral portrait that, through the voices of 40 artists, with their sensitivity and vision represents the specificities of some of the main Italian cities, outlining a profoundly different profile each time that represents the cultural richness of this country.

Music & The Cities aims to tell the musical story of cities by showing their relationship with contemporary creative ferments, identifying signs for the future. From living rooms to clubs, from the center to the suburbs, from day to night: the main protagonists of the different scenarios tell their stories and describe, through audio documents, field recordings the sound of the city and the voices of the streets that populate them.

The space identified for the recording of the podcasts is Studio 33, in the heart of Rome, in one of the most fascinating districts of the city, Trastevere. A unique space of its kind, a destination for sound enthusiasts from all over the world, it intercepts new trends in music and beyond. All episodes have been translated into English with curation and voice by journalist Megan Iacobini de Fazio. The podcast can be heard on Spreaker (link here ) or on Spotify (link here).

A podcast is born that chronicles Italian cities through music
A podcast is born that chronicles Italian cities through music

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