Windows on Art on paper is born: 168 pages of articles, reviews and insights

Windows on Art is now also on paper: the paper quarterly "Windows on Art on Paper" is born. Here's how to subscribe,

From today, Windows on Art is also coming out on paper: our quarterly Windows on Art on Paper is born. Purchasable only by subscription, the Finestre sull’Arte magazine will be a 168-page, 168-page magazine to browse through, in elegant paperback, 21 x 28 cm format with soft cover and glossy paper. An ambitious and countercultural project devoted to quality dissemination, elegance and originality, thus maintaining the basic features of the online version of our magazine.

In each of the four issues to come out each year, the Finestre sull’Arte magazine will devote pages to the most famous works of the great masters of the past and present, take the public through the halls of the best-known museums and collections, and lead readers to discover the small museums all over Italy that guard precious heritages. Readers will also find the most interesting news in contemporary art, a selection of must-see events, reviews of the most high-profile exhibitions, insights into current events and cultural policies, not to mention the voices of the most influential personalities in the field such as museum directors, art historians, archaeologists, critics, and curators.

The magazine will be edited by Federico Giannini, former editor of the online edition of Windows on Art, which will continue to have Danae Project as its editorial partner. Finestre sull’Arte on paper is on sale by subscription from January 15 and by February 15, 2019: the four-issue annual subscription will cost ?29.90, with worldwide shipping. For all info visit the website dedicated to the new print magazine, where you can also find some preview articles.

Finestre sull'Arte on paper