Windows on Art unveils its new logo

Windows on Art presents the new logo, with design by Danae Project. An image devoted to elegance and restraint as a symbol of openness, insight and curiosity.

Windows on Art today presents the new logo, with design by Danae Project. A font harmonized with the theme, all the expressive power of a lettering that has made the history of typography, the Bodoni, the most classic and timeless font. An image that focuses onelegance, refinement and sobriety.

The mark has been included in the logotype: the window, ever since we were born, is something that belongs to us to the core, which is why it has become one with the typeface. Because the window represents our identity, is the hallmark of our newspaper, constitutes for us a symbol of openness, insight and curiosity to look beyond: the characteristics that, every day, move our every step.

Here is the new logo and corporate image:

Nuovo logo Finestre sull'Arte

Immagine coordinata nuovo logo Finestre sull'Arte

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