Caravaggio - La Grazia: in comic book stores and bookstores, the second volume of Milo Manara's comic book work

The second volume of the comic book work created by Milo Manara dedicated to the life of Caravaggio is available in comic book stores and bookstores.

Published Caravaggio-La Grazia, the final volume of Milo Manara ’scomic book work dedicated to Michelangelo Merisi.

This concluding part recounts the second part of the great Caravaggio’s life: from his escape from Rome to his tragic epilogue in Porto Ercole, faithfully following the official biography, but also adding fictional elements, among which the female character of Hypatia stands out.

The first volume of the comic book work, titled Caravaggio: The Palette and the Sword, published in 2015, was widely acclaimed by the public and critics.
With this highly anticipated final chapter, Manara pays tribute to one of the world’s most famous and celebrated Italian artists, a tribute to art and history charged with the sensuality that is the author’s signature style. The work, published by Panini Comics in the "Panini 9L" series,is already available in all comic shops and bookstores in three versions: Regular, DeLuxe and Limited DeLuxe with autographed print.

“In this second volume, I have recounted the years that Caravaggio lived outside Rome, during his escape after the assassination and until his death,” explained Milo Manara, who since his high school years has always been fascinated by the genius of Michelangelo Merisi. “There are fewer historical documents on which I was able to base myself and, therefore, I worked a little more with my imagination. However, everything I have told is historically truthful, unimpeachable, I didn’t invent anything science fiction. His life is this here.”

“The second part of Caravaggio’s life, which lasts just four years and is all about an exhausting wandering from place to place without ever finding peace or refreshment, contains in itself all the moments of the Man’s life,” art historian Claudio Strinati pointed out in the introduction. “Manara has scrupulously adhered to documentary research, even the most recent, which has allowed art historians to specify many individual episodes of those four tormented years, but his narrative goes beyond the philological datum, in search of a deeper truth than can be found on archival documents.”

“When art meets comics, and comics meets art, miracles happen. And Milo’s Caravaggio is one of these miracles, which we are proud to present in Italy,” said finally Marco M. Lupoi, editorial director of Panini Comics.

These are the three versions of the volume:

Caravaggio-La Grazia Regular-Carton Edition(23.5x33.1 cm), 64 pages, €16.90

Caravaggio-La Grazia DeLuxe Edition-cartonboard deluxe with cloth inserts and relief effect (29x38 cm), 80 pages, 59 euro

Caravaggio-La Grazia Limited DeLuxe Edition with autographed print-deluxe hardback with cloth inserts and embossed effect (29x38 cm), 80 pages, 99 euro. Limited and numbered edition of 1,000 copies.

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Caravaggio - La Grazia: in comic book stores and bookstores, the second volume of Milo Manara's comic book work
Caravaggio - La Grazia: in comic book stores and bookstores, the second volume of Milo Manara's comic book work

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