Rome, obelisk and fountains in Piazza del Popolo shine in new, innovative and sustainable light

Inaugurated the new lighting with state-of-the-art LED lights in Rome's Piazza del Popolo.

Lighting interventions that intend to make the beauty of Rome stand out even more continue.

Last night, in fact, the new artistic lighting of Piazza del Popolo was inaugurated with the use of the latest generation of LED lights that combine the best color rendering with sustainability, thanks to the reduction of energy consumption. Precision optics illuminate the obelisk in the center of the square and the Fountain of Lions, as well as the other two fountains on either side of the square, the Fountain of the Goddess Rome and the Fountain of Neptune.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Roma Capitale - Simu Department and ACEA; the inauguration was held in the presence of Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi and ACEA’s chief operating officer Giovanni Papaleo.

Light games and videomapping were also projected on the obelisk, fountains and the gate of Piazza del Popolo during the event. Also present was actor Franco Ricordi, who interpreted some verses from the Divine Comedy, while the Roma Capitale Local Police band performed traditional folk songs.

Rome’s Special Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, Daniela Porro, commented, "Piazza del Popolo represents an important page of art history. A history that begins as far back as 1300 B.C., when the obelisk was made, brought to Rome by Augustus and permanently placed in the center of the square by Sixtus V, passes through the marvelous 15th-century church of Santa Maria del Popolo, with the chapel designed by Raphael finished by Bernini and the two paintings by Caravaggio, through Michelangelo’s great gate, where pilgrims from the Via Francigena passed through, through the twin churches of the 17th century, and through Valadier’s 19th-century arrangement. Such a beautiful square could not be left without real lighting."

“Now the whole area, a stone’s throw from Villa Borghese and the Pincio overlook, looks even more striking and fascinating,” Virginia Raggi wrote on her Facebook profile. "This is one of the most beautiful and appreciated squares in the world, a place of passage for many Romans and a destination of great interest for tourists.
We look to the future by combining innovation, environmental sustainability, respect and protection of the characteristics of the place. We take care of our Basilicas, our squares, our monuments, the most beautiful corners of Rome. At the same time, we continue the work to bring light back to many peripheral areas of the city as well."

Ph.Credit Roma Today

Rome, obelisk and fountains in Piazza del Popolo shine in new, innovative and sustainable light
Rome, obelisk and fountains in Piazza del Popolo shine in new, innovative and sustainable light

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