Rome, Villa Borghese's Globe Theatre named after Gigi Proietti

Rome pays tribute to Gigi Proietti, who died yesterday, by naming the Globe Theatre in Villa Borghese after him. He had been its artistic director for years.

"Rome wants to pay tribute to Gigi Proietti by dedicating to him one of the places that was dearest to him, the Globe Theatre, and whose artistic direction he managed for years, staging wonderful masterpieces. Our city wants to remember him forever in this way," said Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi. The Silvano Toti Globe Theatre in Rome will in fact be named after Gigi Proietti, the popular theater, film and TV actor, voice actor, stand-up comedian, TV host and director who passed away yesterday on his 80th birthday.

“The Silvano Toti Foundation made Gigi Proietti’s dream come true seventeen years ago by building an Elizabethan theater in Villa Borghese and then donating it to the city of Rome,” commented Maria Teresa Toti, President of the Foundation, adding, "After so many years of theatrical seasons with critical and audience successes thanks to his artistic direction, we wish that Gigi Proietti’s name be forever linked to the Globe Theatre."

A great many people paid their respects to him, and the Colosseum and Palazzo Senatorio lit up for him: a photo of him was projected on both buildings, to the applause of those present. The funeral will be held Nov. 5, and there will be mourning in Rome.

“This mourning is everyone’s,” Carlotta, one of the great actor’s two daughters, also an actress, wrote on social media. “I have thought so much about this moment, I have dreamed about it, I have been terrified of it. A famous dad means many things, among them not having an intimacy because when the news comes out the scoop is unleashed, all words that with the moment you live have nothing to do with it. In spite of this, however, your words and all the messages we are getting correspond to the love you all felt for Dad. I want to say thank you with all my heart to each of you and I will do so, slowly. The pain is strong, but we know that it is not just ours; this grief is everyone’s. Dad lived for his audience and your affection proves it. Thank you and thank you again for all this love.”

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Rome, Villa Borghese's Globe Theatre named after Gigi Proietti
Rome, Villa Borghese's Globe Theatre named after Gigi Proietti

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