Venice, new lighting for the Sansovinian rooms of the Marciana Library

New lighting for the Sansovinian rooms of the Marciana Library, designed by lighting designer Romano Baratta, has been inaugurated in Venice. Lighting that is better suited to the environment, innovative and sustainable.

The Sansovinian rooms of the Marciana Library in Venice have new, innovative lighting by lighting designer Romano Baratta. Now, therefore, the Vestibule and the majestic Sansovinian Hall, where masterpieces of Italian art (works by Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, and a sumptuous painted ceiling) are housed, enjoy light that enhances the rooms much better.

Among the most enthusiastic about the result obtained is the library’s director himself, Stefano Campagnolo, who strongly wanted to make these places enchanting. The collaboration between the Marciana Library and Romano Baratta, designer of the lighting, came about when director Stefano Campagnolo and the Coordinator of the Department of Conservation and Preservation Silvia Pugliese posed the problem of how best to illuminate Fra Mauro’s Mappamondo. They were looking for a professional who could solve all the problems of preservation and enhancement and make his vision unforgettable. Romano Baratta therefore marked the project on a museum scale and an emotional scale, to best enhance both what is physically present but also to stimulate the visitor’s feelings as well as activate new sensations, all to create a deep emotion that will be remembered.

In addition to the enhancement of the paintings, the lighting also includes the enhancement of the architecture with a view to a total experience, through the automated installation of visual scenarios and perceptual guidance through the light itself that allows the visitor to discover and admire the 16th-century architecture also through focused focuses.

The lighting of the Sansovinian halls before The
lighting of the sansovinian halls first
The lighting of the Sansovinian halls after The
lighting of the sansovinian halls after

For Romano Baratta, it is a new way of understanding museum lighting. “In the common vision, historical museums are plastered and outdated places, places where no attention is paid to enhancing the emotional aspect of the visit but only to that of the works on display, sometimes even poorly done,” says the designer. “But a museum is not only the works on display but also a living place with a history that exudes from the architecture. A place that is itself to be exhibited, to be told. With this in mind, it is necessary to bring out these hidden but highly interesting sides. To manifest the soul of these places. Create a deep narrative and reading and not the trivial ’highlighting’. Design not only perfect lighting for the display and enhancement of the works, but also for the enhancement of the environment and visitors. However, both illuminations must narrate and tell the story of the place and the works themselves, taking the visitor on a historical journey to discover the treasures.”

This lighting is meant to bring out the uniqueness of the Marciana Library but especially of Knowledge, which is the basic element of a place like this. Titian painted on the vault of the Vestibule precisely Wisdom. “I wanted the lighting to be not only a means of enhancement but also a manifestation of the Light of Knowledge,” Baratta says in fact. “Of the light that illuminates minds. In the 16th century, the Light of Knowledge had a divine origin, so here is the light, thanks to the scenarios created, magically appearing.” Finally, the project supports sustainability with the extreme reduction of energy consumption not only because of the technology used, but also because of the intelligence of the system through sensors. In fact, if there is no visitor, a rest scenario is activated, which allows both to reduce consumption but also to further protect the paintings on display. Thus also sustainable for the maintenance of the ancient works.

The new lighting was made possible thanks to funding from the Anawim Foundation and its president, entrepreneur and artist Rinaldo Invernizzi.

Venice, new lighting for the Sansovinian rooms of the Marciana Library
Venice, new lighting for the Sansovinian rooms of the Marciana Library

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