Discovering Alba

A trip to the Langhe to discover the town of Alba and its main specialty: the truffle

A warm greeting from the Langhe, the fertile land of Piedmont where our journey through art, culture and gastronomy continues. In the last article I told you about the grape varieties of Lombardy, and continuing along this road, I have come to the lands where Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto are produced. Yes, I find myself literally surrounded by the wines and the delicious flavors of the Langhe gastronomy: I am in Alba.

The Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are very famous for lenogastronomy, and Alba qualifies as the epicenter of this rich cultural variety that combines taste with art and history. Everyone knows that the town is home to a famous confectionery industry, but Alba should not be remembered only for being the home of Nutella: the primacy of the typical gastronomic product belongs not to hazelnuts but to a tuber scientifically namedTuber Magnatum Pico: the white truffle.

Le Langhe
The Langhe

Once again this year (from October 10 to November 15), the city becomes the protagonist of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, which is accompanied by a busy schedule of events evoking the city’s historic medieval past.

The Palio degli Asini takes place here, which originated as a sort of mockery of the people of Asti, guilty of wanting to run their famous equestrian palio right under the walls of Alba to emphasize their supremacy after the defeat of the people of Alba in 1275. Even today, on the first Sunday in October, the goliardic palio is an indispensable tradition in Alba with which it kicks off the fair that continues with other recurring events such as the Truffle Bacchanal or linvestitura del Podestà.

Alba, Piazza Risorgimento
Alba, Piazza Risorgimento

Il Duomo di Alba
The Cathedral of Alba

The fair began in 1928 and year after year it gained more and more prestige: in addition to the folkloric events, it is possible to visit the city through guided tours, including of the underground part, you can learn more about the history of the city and its tower-houses, or move on to the tastings inside the Palatartufo and the shows in the Palazzo del Gusto. The Truffle of the Year Delivery ceremony and the World Auction of the White Truffle of Alba are other events you can attend this Alba autumn. Take this opportunity to set out to discover Alba as well; you will find a cathedral-sized city in which to pleasantly spend a day surrounded by unique flavors and scents.

I invite you to look around you for small villages and towns and spend a day discovering them: you will realize that just a few kilometers from your home there are small glimpses of pure wonder, let yourself be surprised by the culinary delicacies of our regions and immerse yourself in the art that surrounds us daily and that we very often ignore kidnapped by the frenetic whirlwind of our days. Are you ready? Off to new adventures!

Curiosity of the episode: A truffle is considered perfect if smelling it you perceive, balanced and delicate, the garlic, hay and honey.

Interno del Palatartufo di Alba
Interior of the Palatartufo in Alba.

Il nostro Fabrizio ad Alba
Our Fabrizio in Alba... !

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