Pozzuoli, no damage to Flavian Amphitheater structures, but secure immediately

No damage to the archaeological structures of Pozzuoli's Flavian Amphitheater after yesterday's fire. Only the already disused wooden bleachers were involved.

The Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park announces that the fire that broke out yesterday in theFlavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli did not cause damage to the archaeological structures, but only to the wooden steps that were already disused and placed in an area that was already not accessible to the public.

The Park management thanks the Fire Department and law enforcement agencies whose intervention prevented greater damage. “The fire that involved part of the wooden bleachers of the Flavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli is certainly a bitter page that is marking our present and will remain etched in our memory,” the Park’s Facebook page reads. “The work of the Police and the Judiciary will allow us to clarify the aspects and, we hope, also the causes of the event. As we are used to always doing, we are questioning the facts, we are asking questions, but we are looking ahead. We are working to reopen the Amphitheater to the public as early as the next few days, and we do not want and cannot let this event interrupt the relationship we have established with you. So our program of occasions to get together in the Park’s venues is moving forward.”

After the Colosseum and the Amphitheater of Capua, the Flavian Amphitheater is the third largest arena in Italy (149 x 116 meters) and could accommodate up to 40,000 spectators.

“Now hurry up, remove the dangers and secure the entire area affected by the terrible fire,” commented Pozzuoli Mayor Vincenzo Figliolia, “with the removal of all the wooden bleachers, which was already planned and has been discussed several times. I ask the director of the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields, Fabio Pagano, who has jurisdiction over the Flavian Amphitheater and other archaeological sites in the area, to resolutely put in place all the necessary actions to allow tourists to admire in its fullness the third largest arena in the Roman world.” He concluded, “Just as it is necessary to arrive quickly at the definition of the executive project in order to start the tender for the awarding of the first part of the work planned for the enhancement of the site and the availability of additional funding for the completion of the intervention, as requested recently to the director general Museums of the Ministry of Culture, Massimo Osanna, during his visit to Pozzuoli. The Flavian Amphitheater must soon become again a place of excellence among the archaeological beauties of our territory.”

Ph.Credit Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park

Pozzuoli, no damage to Flavian Amphitheater structures, but secure immediately
Pozzuoli, no damage to Flavian Amphitheater structures, but secure immediately

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