Inaugurated in Naples Zed1's eco-mural made with eco-painting mangiasmog

Inaugurated in Naples, on the wall of a middle school in Fuorigrotta, Zed1's great work of street art: it is an eco-mural made with the use of Airlite eco-paints, a technology that can eliminate air pollution.

The new eco-mural #UnlockTheChange, a large street art work created by artist Zed1 using Airlite eco-paints, a patented technology that can eliminate air pollution, has been unveiled in Naples.

Curated by the nonprofit Yourban2030 and with the support of PalomArt, the mural is a new fairy tale by the well-known street artist: "Not just any fairy tale, but that of a little girl who unveils a new possible dimension to the eyes of all of us, opening the door of the old polluted world to the ideas of sustainability and positive economy. And she doesn’t do it in a place like any other, but on the outskirts of Naples, precisely in Fuorigrotta/Bagnoli, in a difficult neighborhood that has experienced on the front lines the damage of industrial pollution in the 20th century." Art and sustainability: this is the combination chosen by the Italian B Corp that inaugurated the work.

Thirty years after the closure of Italsider (formerly Ilva) in Fuorigrotta and the banning of asbestos, #UnlockTheChange intends to be a clear message from the Italian B Corps of support toward the importance of considering social and environmental sustainability at the top of the list of corporate priorities. An artistic intervention that at the same time generates a positive impact on the territory, as it is able to absorb daily smog produced by 79 cars.

The mural was created with the involvement of the entire territory: the Silio Italico Middle School actively collaborated, not only by granting the wall for the creation of the work, but by involving both teachers and young students in creative workshops that brought the bulbs of change to life, thus stimulating a collective reflection around the theme of #UnlockTheChange. It is created with patented Airlite technology by artist Zed1, commissioned by the Italian B Corp and in collaboration with Yourban2030. Production of the mural isby PalomArt, an international independent art platform. The two assistants who helped Zed1 create the mural are both two artists: Luca Zeus40, internationally renowned artist and founder of the Back to the style festival and member of the Bereshit association, and Giovanni Anastasia, a young and talented Neapolitan artist.

Photo by Francesco Verolino.

Inaugurated in Naples Zed1's eco-mural made with eco-painting mangiasmog
Inaugurated in Naples Zed1's eco-mural made with eco-painting mangiasmog

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