Rome, a new eco-mural tells the story of the world through the eyes of an apple

There is a new eco-mural in Rome: it is VentiduePortoFluviale - Mela Mundi. Made by Zed1, it tells the story of the world through the eyes of an apple.

A new eco-mural in Rome: it is VentiduePortoFluviale - Mela Mundi and was created by street artist Zed1 in the Ostiense district. 45 meters long and 6 meters high, the work stretches on the walls of Via del Porto Flu viale and was commissioned by Porto Fluviale’s ownership, on the occasion of the venue’s 10th anniversary, by the nonprofit Yourban 2030 and under the patronage of Rome’s Municipality VIII.

The new urban intervention, in a place symbolic ofCapitoline industrial archaeology, tells the story of the world through the eyes of an apple as a symbol and “messenger” of nature itself: an original narrative in pictures, with a surprise ending, in which from Eve to contemporaneity, passing through Roman times and the Middle Ages, humanity is told through an unprecedented witness with an invitation to reconcile with nature, respecting the environment.

With VentiduePortoFluviale - Mela Mundi, located in front of Hunting Pollution created in 2018, it marks not only the birth of a new eco-mural, but also the creation of Italy’s first eco-redeveloped urban quadrant with a total area, in an area of 2,000 square meters, of 1,200 square meters of purifying-air painting. In fact, VentiduePortoFluviale is made with Airlite eco-paints, a patented technology that can eliminate bacteria, viruses and air pollution (NOx).

"With VentiduePortoFluviale we want to celebrate ten years in business," said one of the venue’s owners, Gino Cuminale. “To follow up on the artistic profile that the venue has supported since its inception and, above all, to give Rome a beautiful artistic imprint that, thanks to the paint that can eliminate air pollution, can also be a significant anti-smog contribution.”

"The first painting that begins the story of Mela Mundi represents the first apple par excellence.". explains Zed1, “that of Eve, original and pure. The second is the frame representing social differences. In the third pane, the same tray with the emperor’s leftovers is stormed by servants and slaves. With the fourth panel we arrive in the era of the Crusades, with a knight setting fire in the name of God. The industrial revolution in the fifth frame is the beginning of the contamination of apples/nature, while the sixth tells of the contemporary era: in a polluted world, nature is now transformed by man who sports a cubic, unnatural apple, far removed from its origins and from nature itself. Inside Porto Fluviale the surprise ending, which becomes an omen: Eve re-embraces nature, the process of humanity begins again, entrusting the new generations with change.”

“Already in 2021,” said Veronica De Angelis, President of Yourban2030, "for the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, as a nonprofit we started to meet with companies and businesses, public and private, in a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective to raise awareness among individual entrepreneurs to pursue the SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations through art and urban redevelopment, starting from the suburbs. With VentiduePortoFluviale - Mela Mundi, thanks to Porto Fluviale, we are back there where we started in 2018. Finding ourselves here again today confirms the virtuous formula of Yourban2030 and its vision, in a network between private individuals and institutions, toward a city increasingly on the scale of beauty and the environment."

Photo by Guillermo Luna

Rome, a new eco-mural tells the story of the world through the eyes of an apple
Rome, a new eco-mural tells the story of the world through the eyes of an apple

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