Coming soon, the first guide to street art in Italy, with over 500 works and 58 destinations

The first guide to discovering urban art in Italy is out: it will arrive Sept. 20 in all bookstores and will feature more than 500 works and 58 destinations.

The first guide to discovering urban art in Italy, written by Anna Fornaciari and Anastasia Fontanesi, founders of the Italian contemporary cultural tourism blog Travel on Art, and published by Polaris Editore, will be released on September 2022.

Street Art in Italy. Journey Between Places and People will propose more than 500 works, 58 locations and 17 regions to approach tourism on the road: journeys and open-air routes in which urban art becomes a thread that traces invisible but at the same time indelible links between territories and people, through graffiti writing, street art, neo-muralism and public works that dialogue with installations.

Born from the pen, gaze and direct experience of Anna and Anastasia, a couple in work and life and always accompanied by their dog, the guide to urban art in Italy presents 58 ideas for trips on the road, to 58 destinations that have transformed the geography and skyline of our country’s cities and towns.

It is not proposed as a mapping, but as an ever-evolving selection of projects that have artistic, social and, above all, tourism potential. From metropolises to hamlets, from suburbs to historic centers, this atypical travel guide leads the curious to the discovery of numerous tourist destinations that hold masterpieces, open to all (even four-legged friends) without a ticket to pay or closing times.

A journey through rural and urban suburbs, accompanied by photos, anecdotes and practical tips for discovering public art projects beyond the usual itineraries. From Parco Dora in Turin to the Quartieri Spagnoli in Naples, passing through villages that host “more works of art than inhabitants” such as Camo, in Piedmont, and Stigliano, in Basilicata.

While Blu, Giulio Vesprini, Fabio Petani, Collective FX, Vesod, Mrfijodor, Jim Avignon, and Pixel Pancho are just a few of the artists recounted in this itinerary that traverses Italy in all its complexity, the guide also includes seven contributions from professionals in the contemporary cultural sector to offer a multi-voiced account of the reality of urban art in Italy.

“In these six years of field research, we have let ourselves be guided by curiosity,” the authors explain, “which has allowed us to discover neighborhoods, villages and entire areas that are almost completely unknown to the tourist circuits, others that are decidedly better known, but which we have learned to observe with a different gaze. With Street Art in Italy we want to tell the story of contemporary cultural tourism, avoiding the hit-and-run, inviting people to delve into the projects not only from an artistic point of view, but also from a cultural and social one. In fact, when we talk about art in public spaces, we cannot make the mistake of separating the artistic act, from the territory and the people who inhabit it. That is why, in addition to suggesting and sharing travel ideas, it is important to us that this book tells about the people, as well as the walls.”

“This is the meaning of urban art: an ephemeral art that serves to draw invisible, but at the same time indelible, links with people,” they conclude.

Street Art in Italy will be available in all bookstores and online retailers from September 20, 2022, and on pre-order at

Photo by Travel on Art

Coming soon, the first guide to street art in Italy, with over 500 works and 58 destinations
Coming soon, the first guide to street art in Italy, with over 500 works and 58 destinations

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