Giulia Nelli wins the 9th edition of the Cramum Prize

It is the Lombard artist Giulia Nelli who is the winner of the IXth edition el Premio Cramum, awarded for her "poetics marked by the complex web of ties that go to make up a person's identity."

Lombard artist Giulia Nelli (Legnano, 1992) is the winner of the 9th edition of the Cramum Prize. The proclamation took place on September 9, 2022 at Milan’s Mercato Centrale during the opening of the international exhibition La caduta curated by Sabino Maria Frassà and open until September 17.

Giulia Nelli graduated from the Brera Academy in Milan and is pursuing the IDEA Master’s degree in Exhibition Design at the Politecnico. As the director of the Cramum Frassà Prize explains, “she won her poetics marked by the complex weave of ties that go to make up a person’s identity and that develop from relationships with the territory of origin and with the people who make up the community of reference. Indeed, the ties preserved in memory become thoughts, meanings and mental patterns, building a bridge between past and present and thus delineating the individual’s perception of time.” Second and third runners-up were Marta Abbott and Anouk Chambaz, respectively.

The Bite&Go&Cramum Special Prize was awarded to Rossana La Verde by Nicoletta Rusconi, Elsa Barbieri together with Sabino Maria Frassà with the following motivation: “the choice is in line with the identity spirit of ArtBite Project and its physical and itinerant evolution ”Bite&Go.“ Rossana La Verde is therefore an expression of the desire to support the active involvement of young artists for the collectors of today and tomorrow. Also special appreciation goes to the relationship promoted by the artist between the artwork and the possible future declination in the field of applied arts.”

The prize finalists in the exhibition are: Marta Abbott (Czech Republic), Anouk Chambaz (Switzerland), Benedetto Ferraro, Gaetano Frigo, Simone Giai, Rossana La Verde, Giovanni Longo, Giulia Nelli, Lucrezia Zaffarano. The finalists’ works are on display alongside the works of renowned and out-of-competition artists Letizia Cariello, Stefano Cescon (previous Cramum prize winner), Franco Guerzoni, Peggy Kliafa (Greece), H.H. Lim (China), Franco Mazzucchelli, Fulvio Morella, Luca Pignatelli and Francesca Piovesan.

The win gives the artist access to a path of exhibitions and publications that will end after two years with a solo show at the Francesco Messina Museum in Milan. The winner will also receive the cube, the symbol of the prize, this year made by Marini Marmi in Ceppo di Gré and the fine Muscat wine from Cantina Giacinto Gallina.

The award and exhibition are made possible by the collaboration with Confucius Institute of the University of Milan, Associazione Marmisti della Regione Lombardia, Marini Marmi Srl, Studio Museo Francesco Messina, The Art Talk, Cantina Giacinto Gallina and Ama Nutri Cresci.

In the photo, a work by Giulia Nelli

Giulia Nelli wins the 9th edition of the Cramum Prize
Giulia Nelli wins the 9th edition of the Cramum Prize

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