PAC 2021: more than 3 million euros to support contemporary art

The General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture launches the second edition of the PAC - Plan for Contemporary Art: more than three million euros to support contemporary art.

The General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, with a total budget of more than 3 million euros, is launching the second edition of PAC - Plan for Contemporary Art, the public notice for the selection of project proposals for the acquisition, production and enhancement of works of contemporary art and creativity destined for the Italian public heritage.

“State support for contemporary creativity is an important sign of the proximity to the artistic production of our times,” said Culture Minister Dario Franceschini. “With PAC2021, the Ministry of Culture proceeds along the path taken 20 years ago, with Law 29 of 2001, which established the Contemporary Art Plan. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the first edition in 2002, a long journey that has allowed for a significant increase in the public heritage of contemporary art.”

“This second edition renews the Directorate General’s commitment to strengthening the support and promotion of contemporary Italian creativity,” added Director General Contemporary Creativity Onofrio Cutaia. “After the positive feedback of PAC2020, we have confirmed for PAC2021 as well the three lines of action-acquisition, commissioning, enhancement of donations-which are fundamental tools both to support the work of artists and to enable Italian cultural venues to increase their heritage, also opening up to new languages.”

With the aim of increasing the public heritage of contemporary art, PAC2021 supports museums and public cultural places that intend to expand their existing contemporary art collections or start a project to expand their collections with a pathway dedicated to contemporary creativity. PAC2021 supports and encourages the quality and continuity of the increase of public contemporary art collections, as well as through the funding of acquisitions, by supporting the production of new works, the acquisition of collections and archives related to contemporary art, and the enhancement of donations already received by places of culture of public ownership.

All Italian public museums and places of culture, including those with organizational and budgetary autonomy, including those established in the form of a foundation, institution and special company, as well as private nonprofit entities that manage places of culture that belong to the public domain, may participate. Proposers must own or manage a public collection, to which acquisitions and productions made through PAC funding will be allocated, and must demonstrate clear medium- and long-term planning in the field of contemporary art and creativity.

PAC2021 will inaugurate the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity’s new calls portal, which will become the single tool for accessing and participating online in DGCC’s public notices. PAC2021 proposals will have to be submitted exclusively through the calls portal according to timelines and modalities that will be indicated in the public notice, which is published on the institutional website at the link:

The deadline for submission of proposals is April 12, 2022, at 4 p.m.

PAC 2021: more than 3 million euros to support contemporary art
PAC 2021: more than 3 million euros to support contemporary art

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