Fabrizio Plessi in Todi with a major exhibition in three locations around the city

The Todi Arts Festival celebrates Fabrizio Plessi with a single major exhibition divided among three locations in the city.

Now in its third edition this year, the Todi Festival of the Arts, curated by Marco Tonelli, promoted and organized by the Beverly Pepper Projects Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Todi and the Todi Festival, celebrates Fabrizio Plessi, among the most internationally appreciated artists of Italian video art.

“We come to this third edition of the Festival of the Arts with great pride,” said Michele Ciribifera, president of Progetti Beverly Pepper Foundation. “Although young, the Festival has brought internationally renowned artists as well as high quality events to Todi from year to year. These exceptional results have been achieved thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the City of Todi and the intense work put in by our Foundation, which has always acted with enormous passion and dedication in the name of Beverly Pepper and its connection with the city of Todi.” “Artists of excellence, permanent installations and an open-air museum of contemporary art: these will continue,” the president continues, “to be our goals for the growth, enhancement and development of the cultural and tourist heritage of the city of Todi and our wonderful region.”

The exhibition program will open on Friday, Aug. 26, with the inauguration in Piazza del Popolo of the monumental work Todi Today, a digital fountain that will remain in place until Sept. 25. A bifacial electronic monolith that will light up every evening, a 12-meter-high sculpture in which digital water flows, rising from below to reach the apex of the column and then falling back, restarting its cycle of rise and fall without pause. During the day, the sculpture will remain off camping as an enigmatic presence waiting to restart its energy in the evening. The work also relates to the verticality of Todi’s towers, Beverly Pepper’s Columns and Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Steles, installed in past years for the Arts Festival.

On Aug. 26 at the Roman Cisterns, four sculptures made specifically for the underground space, which is undergoing a major expansion and redevelopment, will be inaugurated and will remain permanently, becoming part of the city’s cultural heritage. Also in this work, consisting of four large vertical ledwalls, the theme ofwater returns according to an intent of historical reconstruction of its ancient route to supply the city.

On Saturday, August 27, on the other hand, Fabrizio Plessi’s solo exhibition, Projects from the World, will be opened at the Sala delle Pietre in Palazzo del Popolo, which will remain open until September 25. The exhibition, presented simultaneously with the opening of Todi Festival, will include large-scale paintings made in 2013 and never exhibited in Italy. The latter, inspired by cities such as Rome, Bombay, Nagoya, Kyoto, Majorca, represent a kind of collage of sketches, projects, evocative and non-descriptive notes of video installations actually realized or only imagined.

"Secret Water, Todi Today and Projects of the World,“ says Marco Tonelli, ”is a single large exhibition by Fabrizio Plessi divided in three different places of the same city, in a futuristic and visionary dialogue between history and contemporaneity, electronic flows and stones, scenarios from the world and cultural identities.“ ”For Plessi,“ the curator continues, ”the crossing of genres, the hybridization of materials, and the exaltation of the graphic sign as a seismograph of the times are elements that characterize his idea of art, thought and creativity, in a continuous exchange of energy that from the 1970s to the present day sees him as a protagonist of the international scene as a video artist and video sculptor who has been able to update technological instrumentation without changing the poetic conception of the world."

A series of free guided tours and workshops for families is scheduled during the Festival, such as the Urban Art Tour (Saturday, Aug. 27 and Saturday, Sept. 3), in which expert guides will take participants on an urban journey to discover contemporary art, starting from Beverly Pepper Park and arriving in the center of Todi to admire Fabrizio Plessi’s installations. Or like the Kids Art Day (Sunday, August 28 and Sunday, September 4) to be held in Beverly Pepper Park; here, immersed in contemporary art, history and nature, children and families will be invited to participate in workshop activities in the presence of professional educators.

All events are free admission.

For info: www.fondazioneprogettibeverlypepper.com

Pictured: Fabrizio Plessi, Todi Today, render (2022)

Fabrizio Plessi in Todi with a major exhibition in three locations around the city
Fabrizio Plessi in Todi with a major exhibition in three locations around the city