An exhibition in Milan dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II with works of pop and street art

In Milan, Agostino Art Gallery is dedicating an exhibition to Queen Elizabeth II from January 19 to February 2023 with works by some of the leading figures in international pop art and street art.

From January 19 to February 2023, Queen Elizabeth II will be featured in the exhibition Lilibet. The Queen, at the Agostino Art Gallery in Milan. Curated by Cinzia Lampariello Ranzi, the exhibition will showcase a selection of unique pieces and multiples created by some of the protagonists of international pop art and street art, such as Endless, Marco Lodola, Mr. Brainwash, Raptuz, Jamie Reid and TVboy.

The works on display are the result of a research conducted in 2021 and 2022 by the founders of Agostino Art Gallery, Giacomo Christian Giulio R anzi and Cinzia Lampariello Ranzi, who wanted to celebrate the strong iconic, political and cultural value of Her Majesty through art and the comparison of works made by artists belonging to different generations and different geographic-cultural backgrounds.

“I was born in Shaftesbury,” says James Christian Giulio Ranzi, in the county of Dorset. My maternal grandfather was a Royal Air Force officer who, after transfers to India, Africa and Persia, chose to retire to Dorset. I lived in England until my early teens and my upbringing was thoroughly English. My sentimental connection with the Royal Family was intertwined with the research of Cinzia Lampariello, my wife, who is interested by training in the languages of graphic design, pop and street art. The result was a collection of art that we built, also through some commissions, primarily for ourselves and that with this exhibition we have the pleasure of sharing with everyone."

Among other works, the exhibition includes a large canvas by Endless, titled Lizzy Vuitton Fragile. The Queen then shines in a luminous sculpture by Marco Lodola, whose subjects often include world icons. This is followed by three ironic and irreverent portraits of Her Majesty signed by Mr. Brainwash, and God Save The Queen by Luigi Maria Muratore, aka Raptuz. On walls and canvas he breaks down shapes and colors through a technique of his own invention, broken window futurism, which involves the use of spray, paper tape and scalpels.

Also on display are some lithographs by Jamie Reid, based on a famous photograph taken by Cecil Beaton of Queen Elizabeth II, described by Sean O’Hagan of The Observer as “the most iconic image of the punk era.” TVboy, finally, depicts the Queen in punk attire. Behind her back, the flag of the United Kingdom is reproduced in graffiti and color casts, while the words “Punk’s not dead” appear on her T-shirt.

A work dedicated to the Queen by Alberto Petrivelli will also be presented to the public during the vernissage.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Cris Contini Contemporary. The Gallery is open to the public Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday morning and Sunday by appointment. Free admission.

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In the images: Endless, Lizzy Vuitton Fragile (2019; mixed media on canvas with resin finish, 122 x 91 cm); Raptuz, God Save the Queen (2022; paint on canvas, 70 x 50 cm); Marco Lodola, Lilibeth (2022; neon and perspex, 125 x 85 x 12 cm).

An exhibition in Milan dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II with works of pop and street art
An exhibition in Milan dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II with works of pop and street art

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