Between migrants and economic crisis: in Turin, artists at the disposal of the community at the Transits exhibition

.At Palazzo Lascaris, Turin, from June 12 to July 8, 2019 is 'Transits,' an exhibition of international artists who have made themselves available to the community

The Piedmont Regional Council and theAssociazione Maria Madre della Provvidenza Onlus present the exhibition Transiti, curated by Raffaella A. Caruso. The exhibition opens on Wednesday, June 12, at 5:30 p.m.

On display are some 30 works donated by leading national and international artists who, at the invitation of the curator, have made themselves available to the community, supporting the activities of AMMP Onlus aimed at freeing the weakest segments of the population from basic needs.

“Needless to point out,” writes Raffaella A. Caruso, "how the displacement of peoples today is a humanitarian emergency as well as a serious warning for all of us: it is transit to cross the seas, it is transit to be welcomed by a solidarity canteen, it is transit to get out of material need and inner distress. Transits wants to reflect on how a dramatic noli me tangere has anesthetized feelings, making everyone’s pain a distant pain of others, and how the work of art, by virtue of a universal feeling inherent in it, is necessary conduit to the awareness of how the conquest of freedom is a victory of the individual for all. The concept of freedom is analyzed here in full: it is the search for a new and promised land, it is the affirmation of one’s full identity, free from want and poverty. The selected artists have always placed at the center of their research freedom, the confrontation between peoples, the themes of civil coexistence, some living on themselves the theme of travel, not only as a metaphor, but as a real experience in search of freedom."

The exhibition is ideally divided into three sections: the first is The Artists of the World, with works by Juan Eugenio Ochoa, José Demetrio PeÅ„a, Graziano Pompili, Shinya Sakurai, Arjan Shehaj, and Jorrit Tornquist. Artists who have experienced on their skin the experience of emigration, of feeling foreign, of discrimination, of hardship, born in areas still lacking certain freedoms. The second one is entitled Le scritture del mondo (Writings of the world ) and includes works by Gianni Asdrubali, Ezio Bruno Caraceni, Marcello De Angelis, Feofeo, Reale Franco Frangi, Mimmo Iacopino, Giovanni Lombardini, Marco Nereo Rotelli, Mario Surbone, Telo, Caterina Tosoni. Artists who perform a particular sign research, close to the theme of a modern Tower of Babel, a symbol of new energies and an auspice of union. The third is Transiti, with works by Davide Benati, Max Bi, Dario Brevi, Amanda Chiarucci, Antonio Ciarallo, Paolo Conti, Erk14, Theo Gallino, Riccardo Gusmaroli, Pietro Iori, Umberto Mariani, Sandro Martini, Fernando Picenni, Teso. Artists who interpret in their work the passage as a necessary moment of renewal and spirituality or who investigate the moment of passage in an abstract or figurative key.

“In Italy,” explains Bruno Cavallo, President of AMMP Onlus, "we support families and elderly people in serious economic difficulties. In some Third World countries(Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea Conakry) we have started micro-credit projects and long-distance adoptions. In Turin and the first belt we are helping more than 3,000 families and elderly people who are in very difficult situations because of the economic crisis. This is our work and this is the great undertaking that we have asked the Masters of the Transiti exhibition to support with their wonderful works that speak of journey and freedom."

The exhibition is realized with the support of Banca Generali Private (main sponsor) and Chiusano & C. Immobiliare; media partner Espoarte. Catalog with rich iconographic apparatus and reasoned biographies of the artists available at the venue.

For all information you can either call +39 011 3358245 or send an e-mail to

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Between migrants and economic crisis: in Turin, artists at the disposal of the community at the Transits exhibition
Between migrants and economic crisis: in Turin, artists at the disposal of the community at the Transits exhibition

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