Cremona prepares for an exhibition on the frescoes of its domus, and more

Cremona will offer an exhibition in 2023 to explore the theme of the painting of Cremonese domus, particularly the Domus del Ninfeo, but it also has other events and exhibitions planned in the city's museums.

Until the end of 2022, then continuing into the beginning of the new year, Cremona has various cultural events and temporary exhibitions scheduled.

The exhibition Italian Violin Makers of the Twentieth Century, which can be visited by the public until February 26, 2023 and is curated by Fausto Cacciatori, opened on September 22 at the Violin Museum. This exhibition, sponsored by the Region of Lombardy and the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona, will take visitors back to 1937, a significant year in the rebirth of Cremonese violin making, when the resonance of the Stradivarian Celebrations went beyond local territorial boundaries. The exhibition aims to let tourists and citizens rediscover the “savoir faire of violin making” of the 20th century. Fifty-seven stringed instruments make up the Italian Violinmaking Collection, now housed at the Violin Museum, mostly from the Civic Violin Collections of the City of Cremona. The collection is the result of numerous donations that followed one another from 1932 to 2021, and it allows us to reconstruct the vicissitudes of Cremonese and Italian violin making during the 20th century.

From February 10 to May 22, 2023, the exhibition Pictura tacitum poema will follow at the Amati Pavilion of the Violin Museum. Myths and Painted Landscapes in the Domus of Cremona, promoted by the Cremona Archaeological Museum with the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio for the provinces of Cremona, Lodi, and Mantova. The exhibition aims to explore the theme of the painting of Cremonese domus, which was almost unknown until two decades ago and is now a source of discoveries. It aims in particular to enhance the close link between Cremonese decorations and the contemporary ones that adorned the residences of Rome’s most eminent figures. The focus of the exhibition will be the bedroom, known as “Arianna’s” from the theme of the three pictures painted on the walls of the antechamber from the Domus del Ninfeo in Piazza Marconi: new findings in 2014 in Via Colletta showed how widespread this refined artistic culture was in Cremonese domus. The materials on display will be contextualized and enhanced through juxtaposition with better preserved and more complete frescoes on loan from prestigious Italian institutions.

Finally, in the spring of 2023, the Ala Ponzone Civic Museum, in collaboration with the Diocesan Museum, will propose the exhibition Quindici anni di restauri della scuola di Botticino (Fifteen Years of Restoration of the Botticino School), which aims to return to the public the results of the great work carried out by the Civic Museum of Cremona and the Botticino Regional Restoration School on many works that have been investigated, studied, secured, and in many cases also restored. In fact, a fruitful relationship between the Cremona Civic Museum and the Botticino Regional School of Restoration began in 2010. The School, founded in 1974 and since then based in the ancient Trinity Monastery on the eastern slopes of Mount Magdalena, is now recognized by the relevant ministries for the Master’s Degree course in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. From the academic year 2022-2023, the School plans to move its teaching activities to Milan in order to facilitate the arrival of national and international students. At the conclusion of this 15-year collaboration that has involved students and teachers from different courses as well as the technicians and managers of the Museum and the Superintendency, the time has come to return the results of this intense work to the public. Over the years, numerous frescoes, paintings on canvas, panels, terracottas, wooden bas-reliefs, stone sculptures, marble commissions, plaster casts, textiles and furniture have been made the object of intervention. The planned catalog will give an account of the operations carried out and the choices applied on a case-by-case basis, owing to the constant updating and search for new methodologies that always distinguishes the School’s activities.

Pictured: Fragment of plaster painted with griffin from the Nymphaeum Domus in Marconi Square.


Cremona prepares for an exhibition on the frescoes of its domus, and more
Cremona prepares for an exhibition on the frescoes of its domus, and more

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