Domodossola, an exhibition compares 19th century Vigezzo art with contemporary art

Nineteenth-century Vigezzo art and contemporary art compared at the Casa De Rodis museum in Domodossola in an exhibition from July 2 to Sept. 4: landscapes, portraits, still lifes by artists such as Carlo Fornara, Otto Dix, Piero Gilardi, Robert Mapplethorpe and others.

Between Nineteenth-Century Vigezzo and Contemporary Art is the new exhibition at Casa De Rodis, in Domodossola (VB), open July 2 through Sept. 4. Landscape, portrait, still life are three of the genres most frequented by artists of all times. Staples that have accompanied art history for centuries, beyond movements and currents. Starting point, the nucleus of the Vigezzo Masters: Alfredo Belcastro, Camillo Besana, Stefano Biotti, Enrico Cavalli, Giovanni Battista Ciolina, Carlo Fornara, Lorenzo Peretti Junior, Gian Maria Rastellini, and Giacomo Rossetti. Point of arrival and departure, the work of important contemporary artists: Stefano Anchisi, Cornelia Badelita, Romina Bassu, Hubert Blanz, Enzo Cucchi, Antonio De Luca, Marlin Dedaj, Özgür Demirci, Otto Dix, Serena Gamba, Piero Gilardi, Gioberto Noro, Alessandro Gioiello, Sea Hyun Lee, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mary McIntyre, Aldo Mondino, Fabio Roncato, Marcus Schaller.

A cross-disciplinary path of research organized by the Poscio Collection and the Rossetti Valentini School of Fine Arts Foundation with the aim of establishing a multi-voice dialogue between the 19th century and the contemporary. The exhibition, curated by Giorgio Caione, happens in front of the viewer and unveils itself to him as a bridge, link and connection between works belonging to different eras, capable of creating a game of resonances and echoes, whether thematic, symbolic or emotional. Because all art, as the curator reminds us starting from Maurizio Nannucci’s famous phrase, has been contemporary. The new is not only ours, of new, but also that which once was and which today, perhaps, we no longer recognize as such. Valleys, mountain pastures and mountains painted en plein air confront polaroids, decomposed and recomposed landscapes made of circuits and microchips, images obtained from collections of satellite shots. And again, portraits are mirrored in faces that become blind and mute, moving images scrutinize us with gazes turned straight into the camera. Still lifes bathed in light and color counterbalance deconstructed memento mori and fruits carved in polyurethane foam.

The path fits within Val Vigezzo. The Valley of Painters, the In Luce call supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation. A multi-year project linked to the enhancement of the Ossola territory and its artistic excellence, with Vigezzo painting and the valley of painters at its center. The medium-to-long term strategy is to establish a dialogue with contemporary art production and the most current cultural research through art residencies, exhibition organizations, establishment of scholarships, archival research and network projects in which at the moment the Rossetti Valentini School of Fine Arts Foundation, Santa Maria Maggiore Municipality, Ossola Museums Association, Ciolina Foundation, Poscio Collection, Asilo Bianco APS Association are involved.

An additional stage will be the Mountain Academy, a free course to create an artist’s notebook. The fourth edition, July 22-23-24 Santa Maria Maggiore, Vigezzo Valley, will be led by GiuliaGentilcore and Irene Lupia(Gentle Wolves Den). Outside speakers include Marcella Pralormo (art historian, Director of the Agnelli Art Gallery from 2002 to 2021), Alessandro Gioiello (artist) and Serena Gamba (artist).

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Pictured: Giovanni Battista Ciolina, Controluce, oil on canvas, 42.5x56 cm.

Domodossola, an exhibition compares 19th century Vigezzo art with contemporary art
Domodossola, an exhibition compares 19th century Vigezzo art with contemporary art

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