Giuseppe Veneziano still on display: his Fantasy in Palermo in the halls of Palazzo Belmonte Riso

From March 8 to May 5, 2019, Palazzo Belmonte Riso in Palermo is hosting the exhibition 'Fantasy' by Giuseppe Veneziano.

Kicking off from March 8 until May 5 is a new solo exhibition by Giuseppe Veneziano, this time hosted at Palermo’s Palazzo Belmonte Riso, entitled Fantasy. The exhibition displays forty works, including pictorial and sculptural works, and will feature an unpublished work dedicated to the City of Palermo.

Veneziano uses painting, avoiding a worn-out denunciation, to the advantage of a deep analysis and reflection on social living.His characters become part of a pictorial and sculptural composition, where classicism and pop art merge, dialoguing with a language made of symbols and quotations. The works present themselves to the public as a book to be read, to be interpreted, to be understood.The message is complex and is present everywhere in the meticulous representation of details.

Gestures and characters belonging to the sphere of collective memory are reinterpreted by the artist trying to evade any banality.

Aurelio Pes, curator of the exhibition, describes them this way: "Veneziano’s world is that of someone who has been able to go, like Alice, beyond the mirror to affirm, intoxicated with freedom: ’What does it matter where my body may be? My mind continues to work anyway. Indeed, the more I stand upside down, the more I invent unusual things.’ As is the case, for example, with the crucified Christ, levitating in the blue along with the balloons inflated with air that support him, or with the splendid image of the Madonna cuddling a child already pregnant with history, in military uniform, with the swastika prominently displayed on his left arm, his hair pulled back over his forehead and his Chaplin-esque trimmed mustache, seeking an impossible redemption. Since, following St. Augustine, even the child in Venetian is laden with vices, little Hitler (anagrammed) at age three is already Rethil.Neither is Snow White saved, who in the mirror coquets with her naked body; or attends sado-masochistic scenes; or kills the seven dwarfs by hitting them with a gun from behind, and duplicates her face with the image of the cruel queen, showing at the same time, with a hip-shot, her naked thigh."

“The Riso Museum, always attentive to the languages of the contemporary, presents a Sicilian artist of great temperament, who presents an innovative exhibition where art music and spectacle come together to provide an unequivocal message that fully falls within the aims of the Pole, which hosts and promotes new artists. Giuseppe Veneziano is considered one of the most prominent exponents of Italian New Pop and is among the most important of his generation, the Riesi-based artist has established himself with a stubborn will in describing the Illegible by projecting himself beyond real things with Pindaric flights, grasping the deep meaning of things, as Aurelio Pes curator of the exhibition points out,” says Valeria Patrizia Li Vigni, Director of the Polo Museale Regionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, who adds: "The world of childhood, is the driving element to argue about hidden and unspoken truths. An artist challenged for his satires, he has garnered numerous successes in Italy and abroad. The curator has planned an installation based on the changing seven colors of the acobaleno punctuated by Leopold Stokowski’s music for Walt Disney’s Fantasy film, in an exhibition that through art, music and set design captures the attention of a discerning visitor."

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Giuseppe Veneziano still on display: his Fantasy in Palermo in the halls of Palazzo Belmonte Riso
Giuseppe Veneziano still on display: his Fantasy in Palermo in the halls of Palazzo Belmonte Riso

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