In Brescia opened the first exhibition-drive in (yes, you got it right: you drive in)

In Brescia, a very special exhibition is open from June 21: Art Drive-In, Generali: Underground Contemporary Art Route.

Conceived and curated by theBELLEARTI Association with the support of theAgenzia Generali Brescia Castello, the project is set up in the large space of the Garage of the Agenzia Generali Brescia Castello in Via Pusterla 45, seizing the limits imposed by the current health emergency and, through a literally underground project, transforming them into an unusual form of dynamic and innovative exhibition. Art Drive-In is in fact a path between art projects, installations, murals, and large drawings that can be accessed exclusively by car, as in the famous American drive-ins . The works are installed on the walls, on the columns of a space that is itself outside the standards reserved for art exhibitions.

Many Italian and international artists have already joined BELLEARTI’s invitation, including Ludovica Anversa, Stefano Arienti, Olivo Barbieri, Thomas Braida, Linda Carrara, Ambra Castagnetti, Enrico De Paris, Giovanni Gastel, Osamu Kobayashi, Davide Mancini Zanchi, Antonio Marras, Muna Mussie, Ozmo, Mimmo Paladino, Gabriele Picco, Antonio Riello, and Leonardo Anker Vandal.

No specific theme has been assigned to the artists; each of them is free to propose his or her own vision to the public, who, driving through the garage, can choose which imaginative tale to be influenced by in this sort of temporary underground multiplex.

BELLEARTI feels the project as a gateway between an art world that was and one that is to come, and as a factual example. Art has antibodies in it and creativity is the greatest form of freedom: once again, art knows how to (di)show how the limits imposed by a crisis can be a stimulus if one is endowed with vision. A gift that artists do not lack. The exhibition has no conclusion, but a becoming with changes and additions of works by new artists.

Admission to the exhibition is free.

In Brescia opened the first exhibition-drive in (yes, you got it right: you drive in)
In Brescia opened the first exhibition-drive in (yes, you got it right: you drive in)

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