Is there a collective identity to which we conform? In Guarene the reflection of twenty artists

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo presents the exhibition "che sarà sarà" in Guarene featuring the works of twenty artists active in Italy between the 1990s and the present who have dismembered the idea of personal or collective identity. September 23 through November 19, 2023.

From Sept. 23 to Nov. 19, 2023, at the Palazzo Re Rebaudengo in Guarene (Cuneo), the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo presents Who Will Be, curated by Stefano Collicelli Cagol with Michele Bertolino. An exhibition path articulated through the works of twenty artists active in Italy, including painting, sculpture, installation, video.

The exhibition is part of the project of the Contemporary Art Foundations Committee and opens on the occasion of the Turin leg of Bel Paese. Promoting Italian art around the world, a project to enhance and internationalize the Italian art scene that is the result of a collaboration between the Committee and the Ministry of Culture’s Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity. The exhibition is within the framework of SNODI.

The exhibition proposes the positions of artists and women artists who have dismembered the idea of personal or collective identity by drawing instead expanded bodies and alternative landscapes, imagining different and metamorphic times, writing stories with changing outcomes. The title, which is a crasis between the songs Che sarà dei Ricchi e Poveri and Que sera sera, is meant to allude to an indefinite future, perhaps already happened or yet to come, that recalls demobilization, disengagement from the self and openness to possible events.

What is personal identity? Is there a collective identity to which we conform? What are the strategies by which we can eschew dynamics that frame bodies and desires? Can we be opaque, fugitive, hidden? The works in the exhibition intend to suggest possible paths beyond the here and now occupied by the individual body.

Present are works by Stefano Arienti, Bartira, Betty Bee, Dafne Boggeri, Monica Bonvicini, Benni Bosetto, Giulia Cenci, Isabella Costabile, Roberto Cuoghi, Enrico David, Gino De Dominicis, Tomaso De Luca, Caterina De Nicola, Chiara Fumai, Marco Giordano, Kinkaleri, Eva Marisaldi, Giulia Piscitelli, RM, Marinella Senatore.

Betty Bee, Monica Bonvicini, Enrico David, Marco Giordano, and Kinkaleri situate identity in the body and interpret it as a space of transformation, a sphere on which the thrusts of the social, urban or natural context are exerted, or dark matter to be shaped, stripped away, whose desires and drives act as diversions. The body is itself subject to latent tensions: it is space in which multiplicities of beings coexist, as the work of RM shows, or it is organic, iridescent object, in the work of Roberto Cuoghi and Giulia Cenci.

Bartira, Dafne Boggeri and Caterina De Nicola discuss the coercive mechanisms of the political and social context in which we live: recovering memories of erased histories, they wear balaclava. In other cases, the balaclava is that pen with which the characters write their stories themselves, as Marinella Senatore’s video reminds us. In the works of Stefano Arienti, Tomaso De Luca and Eva Marisaldi, the gaze can deceive us, show us what is not there.

Benni Bosetto, Isabella Costabile, Gino De Dominicis, Chiara Fumai and Giulia Piscitelli investigate the ritual, magical and transcendent dimension of bodies and objects, show the cosmological afflatus as strategies through which to collectivize desires, thoughts and actions, rewriting the dynamics of the times.

The exhibition intends to unearth these lines in the works of Italian artists active between the 1990s and the present, trying to reconstruct a possible disparate geography, hung upside down by a thread, in which the languages of the visual arts reveal their contaminations with music, fashion, cinema, poetry and underground culture.

Along with the exhibition, Palazzo Re Rebaudengo is displaying a tribute to Marisa and Mario Merz, Gianfranco Baruchello and Michelangelo Pistoletto, whose works come from the foundations dedicated to them that are part of the Contemporary Art Foundations Committee.

The work Urlo by the Kinkaleri collective will be visible throughout the duration of the exhibition in numerous public posters spread throughout the municipal territory of Guarene. The work was created with the participation of the citizens of Guarene, in collaboration with the civic library and the educational department of the Foundation.

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Hours: Saturday and Sunday, noon to 7 p.m. Free admission.

Image: Dafne Boggeri, From A to C without B (2010)

Is there a collective identity to which we conform? In Guarene the reflection of twenty artists
Is there a collective identity to which we conform? In Guarene the reflection of twenty artists

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