Passed in judgment, Simone Pellegrini's first solo show in Prato

The Museum of Palazzo Pretorio in Prato will host from July 11 to September 8, 2019, the first solo exhibition in Prato by Simone Pellegrini, Passed in Judgment.

The Museo di Palazzo Pretorio will host Passato in giudicato, Simone Pellegrini’s first solo exhibition in Prato, from July 11 to September 8, 2019. The exhibition is part of Pretorio Studio, an initiative that 2016 combines the cultural heritage of the palace with theinterpretation of contemporary artists.

On this occasion, the artist will intervene artistically for the first time in a museum of ancient and modern art, bringing a selection of works that Pellegrini created between 2012 and 2019.

The chosen title recalls one of the most enigmatic exhibits in the museum’s collections: a wall of indecipherable signs probably dating back to the 14th century, traced by defendants while waiting to receive the judgement of the praetor. In law, the expression “in res judicata” means final, but when pronounced, it seems to allude to what is actually still liable to judgment and discussion, evoking the ambivalence of a rigid or inconclusive reading of the past.

Pellegrini’s art is characterized as an archaeological excavation in the collective and unconscious memory, recalling psychology and psychoanalysis, Freud’s theories of sexuality and Jung’s archetypes.

The exhibition will be set up in the first room on the ground floor, the environment where the exhibition tour of Palazzo Pretorio begins and ends, thus anticipating and completing the visit.

Curated by Veronica Caciolli, the exhibition is free admission.

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Image: Simone Pellegrini, Compluvio (2019; 83 x 135 cm)

Passed in judgment, Simone Pellegrini's first solo show in Prato
Passed in judgment, Simone Pellegrini's first solo show in Prato

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