The sounds and intimate secrets of Brazil as told by Helena Manzan

Archetyp'Art 1, Brazilian artist Helena Manzan's exhibition about her homeland through paintings, videos and installations.

From June 21 to July 7, 2019, the exhibition Archetyp’Art 1 by Brazilian artist Helena Manzan is on view at the Olmastroni Gallery in Siena. The exhibition is part of ArteSiena, which is held in the Tuscan city until the same date.

A tale of Brazil through twenty-one works, including paintings, videos and installations, that will explore the sounds, images, symbols, and intimate secrets of the Amazon rainforest.

Central is the artist’s constant dialogue with nature and her homeland; the very titles of the works in the exhibition were often excerpted from Helena Manzan’s travel diary. Even the simple materials with which she creates her works further emphasize the strong connection with her origins: natural pigments, acrylic, nylon tights, enamels, photos on canvas, textiles,wood. However, two are the artist’s key locations: his atelier in Castello di San Vincenzo al Volturno and the open heart of the Amazon.

The exhibition is curated by Antonio Picariello.

Helena Manzan was born in Brazil in 1960. She graduated in art academy from the Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil, with a specialization in visual programming. Since the late 1990s she began exhibiting in America and Europe. Since 2002 she has moved permanently to Italy where she lives and works. She has had numerous exhibitions in Brazil and Italy, New York, London, Lisbon and Novosibirsk. exhibited at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale in 2011.

Hours: Daily from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

Free admission.

The sounds and intimate secrets of Brazil as told by Helena Manzan
The sounds and intimate secrets of Brazil as told by Helena Manzan

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