The world's first Saxophone Museum opens in Fiumicino in September

In September, the Saxophone Museum, the world's largest dedicated to the famous musical instrument, will open in Fiumicino, Rome.

The world’s first Saxophone Museum opens in Fiumicino, Rome, in September. It will be located on Via dei Molini, near the Maccarese train station, and the museum will be entirely dedicated to one of the iconic musical instruments of the 20th century.

The museum houses the world’s most important saxophone collection, that of Attilio Berni, a musician, teacher and collector. The collection consists of 600 instruments, including vintage pieces that belonged to such jazz sacred monsters as Sonny Rollins and Rudy Wiedoeft. But the sampler also includes such pieces as the “soprillo,” the world’s smallest sax, measuring 32 cm, to the gigantic 2.90-meter “sub-contrabass sax.” Along with many other very rare pieces such as the straight tenor sax, the C-melody, the Grafton Plastic, the sax-oboe and saxophones that belonged to Adolphe Sax, the inventor in 1841 of the saxophone. In addition to 600 instruments, the collection consists of musical toys: about 300 original pieces from the turn of the century to the 1950s. Then photographs, 800 original vintage ones from the late 19th century to the 1960s. Still accessories, hundreds of mouthpieces, gadgets, curios and catalogs, books and documents. As many as 2,500 original pieces.

“Just as there is a violin museum in Cremona,” explains Attilio Berni, “there will be a sax museum in Maccarese. We expect to inaugurate it next September 6-7. It will be a permanent exhibition through which to emphasize, study and promote classical and jazz music culture, of original musical instruments. An important venue that will combine in itself the functions of a museum, auditorium, research and educational center where exhibition layouts and multimedia installations, together with a large documentary collection, will make it possible to create an evocative and engaging journey through instruments, emotions, sounds and images.”

The museum can then be granted for cultural activities of public interest organized by the municipality. “The work of the municipal administration to create places of culture and aggregation continues, to make our municipality an increasingly attractive and hospitable city,” commented Fiumicino Deputy Mayor Ezio Di Genesio Pagliuca.

To learn more you can visit the museum’s official website.

The world's first Saxophone Museum opens in Fiumicino in September
The world's first Saxophone Museum opens in Fiumicino in September

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