Trieste, at the Warehouse of Ideas a new exhibition dedicated to Robert Doisneau

The Magazzino delle Idee in Trieste is hosting the exhibition 'Robert Doisneau. Across the century,' from April 13 to June 23, 2019.

TheRegional Authority for Cultural Heritage of Friuli VeneziaGiulia-Erpac in collaboration with Chroma Photography, Madrid, andAtelier Robert Doisneau, Paris, presents the exhibition Robert Doisneau . Across the Century. Through 88 vintage prints, the exhibition chronicles the photographic passion of the author who most celebrated the unrecognized beauty of the everyday, creating a collective imagination based on the lives of ordinary people.

Robert Doisneau was born in Gentilly on April 14, 1912. A shy boy who developed a keen sense of observation and a great love for the suburbs he frequented, which would become his subject of investigation for more than fifty years. He studied lithography at theÉcole Estienne and in 1929 began to take up photography working for the advertising photographer André Vigneau, before moving on in the early 1930s to work as an industrial photographer for Renault. During this period he began filming Paris, describing it as, "a theater where the ticket is paid for with time lost."

Industrial and sometimes advertising shots. Shots of a gray suburbia, factories, lonely or rebellious children, the war experienced by the Resistance, ordinary Parisians, at work or celebrating, a few refugees in the French countryside, and fleeting encounters with artists and show people. Each photograph fits into a tangible reality. His artistic behavior, more instinctive than intellectual, intentionally turns its back on any formal sophistication and lets chance intervene as a full-fledged actor. Unwilling to cloud emotion with concern for composition and rejecting imposed rules, Doisneau never bowed to graphic modes, but photographs the world as he would have wanted it to be. A universe of fiction, to which each person is free to contribute his or her own story.

His essential quest is found in that ceaseless capturing of tiny moments of a world he keenly observes in order to give us back a modified reflection of it. He gives life to a fiction borrowed directly from reality, proposing to us a more acceptable universe through images.

The narrative of the exhibition Across the Century, is offered to us by one of the artist’s daughters, Francine Deroudille, who together with her sister Annette, found in a trunk the selection of images in the exhibition: “The project was both simple and ambitious: to summarize in 88 prints a photographic work, that of our father, made over 60 years. The first selection, my sister Anenette and I made in the trunk of vintage photographs. The choice was instinctive and quick, dictated by the need to juxtapose essential photographs with lesser-known ones that could testify to his phototropism toward the beauties of the most ordinary everyday life. The selection outlines a world that no longer has anything to do with reality, the world that we daughters shared with him. All the characters in the photos have escaped with their own personal poetics to an entirely imaginary world.”

On display at the Warehouse of Ideas are all the themes that Doisneau worked on: everyday life, street life, the suburbs, Paris, children, the reconstruction of France after World War II. A walk through the 20th century, through his most iconic images such as the Kiss at the Hotel de Ville, the most reproduced photograph ever in the history of photography, and others less known to the general public.

For all information you can visit the official website of the Warehouse of Ideas.

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Trieste, at the Warehouse of Ideas a new exhibition dedicated to Robert Doisneau
Trieste, at the Warehouse of Ideas a new exhibition dedicated to Robert Doisneau

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