Advice for dog travelers: accommodation and facilities.

Those who love art travel often, and sometimes you may happen to bring your four-legged friends along. Here are some tips for a great experience with your dog!

Today we bring you a guest post by Aldo Franceschini, a travel and dog lover, who gives us some tips on how to travel with your dog-a useful article for the many of our friends who follow us and are animal lovers! Here is how Aldo introduces himself: “Aldo Franceschini, Seo consultant since 2009 with experience in many sectors, including tourism, technology and entertainment, great lover of the canine world. Interested in everything related to dog lovers and animal protection and welfare.”

The vacations are approaching, you are deciding whether to go to the beach or to the mountains and need some tips on how to behave if you take your four-legged friend with you? Continue reading and we will discover together that traveling with your dog is not as complicated as it may seem, you just need to follow a few tips.

If you are still in the process of choosing the place and the accommodation, the first advice we give you is to ask if the dog can be accommodated in case it is not specified (yes, it sounds strange, but some sites still do not comply with this important detail), be clear from the outset about the breed and the tonnage, you know, sometimes hoteliers get a little smart to make you pay an unjustified surcharge, in this regard we recommend that you have the albergator visit the site to check the exact size of your pet.

If you are going to a seaside location, find out about pet-friendly establishments on the coast. That way you won’t be forced to have to leave your dog alone in the hotel, risking that it will do damage or become saddened by your repeated absence.

The same goes if you opt for an apartment solution. Not all owners like the presence of animals in the house, so always ask first, even twice! If you have chosen this type of accommodation, always prefer a house even with a small outdoor space, such as a small garden or terrace large enough to let the dog breathe and allow him to have an independent space.

Returning to the topic of pet-friendly facilities, extend this search by also selecting restaurants that welcome animals, sometimes it is specified, so you won’t run the risk of having to walk around all evening before you have to eat.

Always remember to bring your dog on a leash, whether in a hotel or inside the apartment building. The penalties in this regard are onerous--you don’t want to ruin your vacation over such a detail!

Was the post helpful to you? Did it remind you of any details you had forgotten? Tell us about your travel experience here.

In vacanza con il cane!

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