Windows on Art is looking for a copywriter with knowledge in art history

For an in-house project, Windows on Art is seeking a junior copywriter to join the editorial staff in designing content. Applications due by Jan. 5.

For an in-house project, Windows on Art seeks a copywriter/junior profile with excellent knowledge of art history.

What you will be responsible for

The candidate will be employed in the writing of art-historical content for a project of the newspaper Windows on Art. After brief initial training, the candidate will begin work and will be mentored by the editorial staff.

Requirements for the position.

Mandatory: excellent knowledge of art history especially from the seventeenth to the twentieth century extremes included, perfect command of written Italian, excellent information literacy, punctuality, accuracy, familiarity with the use of the internet, good analytical and synthesis skills.

Preferred: degree in Cultural Heritage or similar subjects, experience as a copywriter, knowledge of HTML, knowledge of SEO techniques, possession of VAT number.

Terms and remuneration

The project, which can also take place in telecommuting mode, will start in mid-January and should preferably be completed by the end of February. The expected remuneration is 1,000 euros gross which will be paid on sight invoice if the candidate has VAT number, with withholding tax at the end of the job in case the candidate does not have it.


Applications must arrive no later than noon on January 5, 2022. To apply, send an email with the subject line “Copywriter January 2022” to mail [*at*] finestresullarte [*dot*] info, specifying whether or not you meet the mandatory and preferred requirements. If you already have writing experience, indicate sources where your texts have already been published (unpublished texts will not be considered). Send only and exclusively your resume as an attachment: do not send other images or other texts.

Windows on Art is looking for a copywriter with knowledge in art history
Windows on Art is looking for a copywriter with knowledge in art history

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