Working in art and culture: vacancies and open positions of the week

Here are the job openings in the arts and culture sector noted by our editorial staff during the week of May 10-17, 2024.

Jobs in culture and art: this week’s proposals come from the Ministry of Culture, museums and companies. Here are the open positions we have collected from May 10 to 17, 2024.

For the provinces of Biella, Novara, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, and Vercelli, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), announces a procedure for collaborative positions, for the following professionals: no. 3 Architects; no. 2 Archaeologists; no. 1 Site Assistant (Surveyor). For information see the Sabap-no website.

In Turin, the National Museum of Cinema - Maria Adriana Prolo Foundation is seeking a Director for the museum. The Director is appointed and dismissed by the Foundation’s Management Committee, to which he or she reports, and has the following main responsibilities: implementing the resolutions of the Management Committee and exercising, within the limits set by it, the functions of ordinary management of the Foundation, as well as of proposal and impulse regarding the objectives and programs of the Foundation’s activities; promoting the knowledge, thein-depth study and dissemination of the Museum’s heritage by ensuring the conception, planning and implementation of scientific and cultural programs with the aim of involving a wide and diversified public; to prepare, in consultation with the Scientific Committee where appointed, the multi-year and annual programs to be submitted to the Management Committee; assisting the Management Committee in the preparation of the Foundation’s draft and final budgets; exercising, within the limits set by the Management Committee, the management and organization of human resources; promoting and strengthening the identity andimage of the Museum and its relationship with the local, national, and international community; oversee the development of fundraising activities and develop sponsorship and partnership agreements with public and private entities; and exercise such further powers as are delegated to it by the Management Committee. For information see the National Cinema Museum website.

For the Piedmont Regional Museums Directorate, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), announces a procedure for the awarding of a collaborative position at the Piedmont Regional Museums Directorate No. 4 collaborators for the following professional figures: no.1 Expert in tenders and contracts; no.1 Collaborator to support the Tenders and Contracts Office; no.1 Art Historian; no.1 Expert in communication. Information can be found on the Polo Museale Piemonte website.

In Milan, the company Tik Tok is looking for a Brand Partnerships Manager, Auto/Travel. The chosen person will be expected to identify new business opportunities for automotive advertisers who want to partner with TikTok: Drive and grow global customer relationships with product and solution adoption at scale; Help deepen penetration into the automotive vertical; Be instrumental in TikTok’s external narrative in the marketplace; Collaborate cross-functionally to ensure product, process and customer relationship improvements; Analyze campaign performance to continuously provide feedback on optimized media solutions. See Tik Tok’s Linkedin page for information.

In Milan, the Giorgio Armani company is looking for a Brand Partnerships Manager, Auto/Travel. The new entrant will be asked to manage the following activities for the Giorgio Armani brand: lead the search for inspiration and prepare moodboards in line with the creative brief received; create design visualizations (3D modeling and photo editing); collaborate with the other teams involved (technical visual design, visual merchandising, etc.) to ensure the final result. For information see Giorgio Armani’s Linkedin page.

In Milan, the Etro company is looking for a resource to join the Digital Communication team. He/she will manage communication activities declined on social channels from participation in defining the editorial calendar to content preparation and management. For information go to Etro’s Linkedin page.

In Milan, the Armani/Casa company is looking for an interior designer. The incumbent will be part of the Armani/Casa Interior Design team and will manage private residence and contract projects. He/she will be involved from conception to project delivery, through all phases: layout development, choice of furniture and materials, ad hoc furniture design, preparation of all required documentation: moodboards, project presentation, data sheets, estimates. For information see Armani/Casa’s Linkedin page.

In Milan, Studio Folder is looking for a highly creative, flexible, independent, motivated and talented Graphic Designer to be involved in visual einteraction design activities. The ideal candidate will work with colleagues, various professionals and vendors to provide design solutions across multiple platforms such as print, digital and environmental applications. For information go to the Studio Folder website.

For the provinces of Verona, Rovigo and Vicenza, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), announces a procedure for the awarding of a collaborative position, for the following professionals: no. 2 architect officers; no. 2 archaeologist officers; no. 1 art historian officer; no. 1 site technical assistant. For information see the Sbap-vr website.

In Genoa, the company Miniclip is looking for a Senior Game Designer to join its game development studio. The candidate will be able to design and create game experiences and game features that deliver strong player engagement, loyalty, and monetization; Manage end-to-end lifecycles of mobile games with complex economies and features; Oversee creative development (art and design) of games; Write, review, and provide feedback on game/feature design documents, builds, and plans; Help identify and deconstruct new markets and opportunities, expanding the company’s portfolio and staying at the forefront of the mobile games industry; Support the team with mobile and social game design expertise; Assist in reviewing, planning and prioritizing the team’s workload. Please see Miniclip’s Linkedin page for information.

For the provinces of Lucca and Massa-Carrara, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), announces a procedure for the awarding of collaborative assignments with this Superintendence for the following professional figures: no. 4 architects (for support to public worksites pertaining to this Office, as well as support to the activities of the constraints office in the sphere of its competence); no. 1 art historian (for support to public construction sites pertaining to this Office, as well as support to the activities of the constraints office in the sphere of its own competence); no. 1 archivist (for support to requests for access to records and the reorganization and classification of documents); no. 1 site assistant (for support to public construction sites pertaining to this Office in the sphere of its own competence). For information see the Ministry of Culture website.

In Rome, the Bvlgari company is looking for a Brand Marketing Project Manager. This role has the strategic objective of orchestrating key marketing projects, providing dedicated go-to-market packages for each project launch, ensuring a One Brand Experience approach. The candidate will work synergistically with the Global Brand and Communication, Retail and Business and Innovation teams. For information go to Bvlgari’s Linkedin page.

In Rome, Warner Bros Discovery is looking for a Digital Coordinator. The position will support day-to-day local management of YouTube channels focusing on channel performance and ADV conversion; manage, together with the Senior Digital Manager, YouTube strategies for all channels in the region (Italy and support on Spain and Portugal) and implement and support both central and local strategies. Will support the Sr. Digital Manager in defining the local social editorial plan by blending central and local needs and will coordinate the local agency on local content creation. Will define and implement local game AVOD apps by planning a publication. The digital coordinator will work on a wide range of projects and interact with internal and external stakeholders. For information go to the Warner Bros Discovery website.

In Rome, the company Bvlgari is looking for a New Media Creative Specialist within the new media creative team. His or her purpose is to coordinate the development of new communication content through innovative media tools. These initiatives are intended to reflect the Brand’s image and values and promote cutting-edge opportunities through new media and channels. For information go to Bvlgari’s Linkedin page.

In Benevento, Leone Design agency is looking for a Jr web design. Primary responsibilities are: Development and implementation of design strategies to create engaging and functional user experiences. Design and development of intuitive, responsive websites, integrating the latest technologies and industry best practices. Collaboration with other business teams to ensure an integrated and cohesive view of projects. Analyzing website performance and identifying optimization opportunities to improve user experience and search engine rankings. Coaching and supporting design team development, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. For information go to Leone Design’s Linkedin page.

In Catania, the agency + ADD DESIGN is looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Digital Designer capable of creating projects for various digital platforms. The figure will be part of the design unit, in privileged contact with creative direction and social media strategy figures. Projects, static or animated, will enrich the agency’s and clients’ digital feeds and presences, ensuring brand consistency across all channels under your purview. See + ADD DESIGN’s Linkedin page for information.

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Image: view of Lucca. Photo: Cristina Gottardi

Working in art and culture: vacancies and open positions of the week
Working in art and culture: vacancies and open positions of the week

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