At Pandolfini's the first NFT auction of the first department dedicated to NFTs in Italy

The first NFT auction of the first department dedicated to NFTs in an Italian auction house will be held from September 22 to October 3, 2022: this is Pandolfini's newly formed NFT and Digital Art department. Here is what will be available for purchase.

The first NFT auction of the first department dedicated to NFT in an Italian auction house, Pandolfini, will be held from September 22 to October 3. And for the first auction of the newly created NFT and Digital Art department, the Pandolfini staddi Pandolfini has chosen to select a series of works that can offer a varied, international and multifaceted overview of this new world, selecting different visual languages as well as the different technical and technological approaches that artists have towards NFTs.

The department wanted to represent a kind of ideal link between the immanent classicism that distinguishes Pandolfini’s past and present and Florence, the city where Pandolfini is based, and the new digital expressive frontier. The auction offers a diverse catalog that will range from retouched digital photography toimages generated autonomously by an algorithm programmed by the artist, from gifs to striking three-dimensional graphics, and much more.

When we talk about NFT, we mean not only a technology by which works are made and marketed, but also a movement of thought that comes together under a set of visual and conceptual codes adopted by an international community that runs on the various blockchains.

Among the works going up for auction at Pandolfini’s are, for example, those of Peter Gric, an artist who comes from painting but has been experimenting with his poetics in the digital sphere for decades, and who has opened up to the NFT world where his surreal creations come to life by transforming into animations. Then there is the work of A.L. Crego who represents his own mental visions by depicting hypnotic visual mantras. It is a creative process that goes through the analysis and absorption of the history of digital codes that have invaded the world in recent decades pervading our existences, expanded a-biological entities such as the web and social media. By the Spanish artist, Pandolfini offers a gif estimated at 2,000/4,000 euros.

Also in the catalog is Marcel Van Luit, a Dutch artist who modifies his photographic shots into fantastic worlds, such as Aurora (valuation 40/100,000 euros) a work about love and time: time is too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for those who suffer, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. Then there is the work The Encounter of minds, created by Morten Lasskogen and offered at 10,000/30,000 euros: the work aims to embody the idea of art as a bridge between artistic movements, styles, concepts, and media.

Bridge between past and present, classical and contemporary culture is also Rebirth, a work by Zigor, which places the human being at the center of innovation with a solemn, fantastic, and humorous nature; man as creator, lover, and collector of art in all its forms and colors. Rebirth, estimated at 4,000/10,000 euros, arises out of admiration for the works of the Renaissance: with this work, crypto-artist Zigor, wants to break the barriers of traditional art by combining classical culture and digital art by showing, through this homage to the Renaissance era and its home, Florence, his particular way of seeing the world.

Pandolfini’s NFT proposals also include two artists with a markedly generative path such as Ivona Tau and Ismahelio ( generative art refers to the method of creating works of art that can be directly linked to the use of an algorithm: specifically, the form of expression whereby works are not created directly by the artist but by the algorithm itself based on how it has been preset).

“What Pandolfini begins to tell with this auction,” the auction house declares, “is a new world, an as yet unwritten book that drags in a liquid, enveloping creative reality, like Web 3.0 and its great revolution of finally making us protagonists of what we are seeing by finally making it what we are experiencing.” For all information and to see the works you can visit Pandolfini’s website.

At Pandolfini's the first NFT auction of the first department dedicated to NFTs in Italy
At Pandolfini's the first NFT auction of the first department dedicated to NFTs in Italy

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