Happy Birthday Windows on Art!

Windows on Art turns five years old! On April 29, 2009, we published our first installment

We have come to five years together! Who would have thought? And to think that Windows on Art was born almost as a joke, as a test: if someone had told us that it would become one of the most followed art-historical popularization projects in Italy, we probably would not have believed it :-)

Instead, this is how it was: the publication of the first episode on Guido Cagnacci, on April 29, 2009, was followed by more than a hundred episodes, and certainly today Windows on Art is the most complete resource on the web for studying and delving into the history of Italian art from the 13th century to Romanticism, and this is also thanks to our art history course. And the public appreciates, with nearly eighty thousand fans on our Facebook page and about a thousand daily accesses to the site, a figure that has doubled since last year.

There will be many surprises in the coming hours and days: we will in fact launch our first ebook, unveil the new website logo (after five years in which it has remained the same!), and then we will finish working on the new website design, the fourth, which will also be the most revolutionary. First of all because it will be signed (as well as the new logo) by an exceptional graphic designer, Daniele Beccaria, one of the most promising and capable young graphic designers in Italy. And then because it will have a different line than the previous graphics, a line devoted to simplicity and essentiality, but without losing the elegance that has always distinguished Windows on Art.

We want to conclude these brief thoughts on our podcast with a special thank you to our audience, our precious and special audience without whom all this work would not exist. A THANK YOU written in all caps to reciprocate the affection and passion with which you follow us: we hope we will never have to disappoint your expectations and continue to present our content to you always with the same quality and rigor. We would really like to thank you one by one, to send a single message to everyone who, even for a few seconds, logged on to our website or got in touch with us via social networks, to make you individually feel our extreme gratitude towards you: but since there are so many of you, we hope that this thought towards you will have the same effect :-)

A heartfelt thank you, Ilaria and Federico

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