The Great Wave is now in LEGO bricks: new set dedicated to Japanese art lovers

For fans of LEGO and Japanese art comes Hokusai's The Great Wave in brick version. Once built, you can hang it on the walls of your home.

LEGO pays tribute to one of the most iconic works of Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai: the Great Wave. In fact, the new LEGO® Art Hokusai set is dedicated to lovers of Japanese art and culture, and once the construction is complete, you can hang the work on the walls of your home.

Since the creation of the original Great Wave print on wood by Hokusai in 1839, the work has quickly become iconic: it has decorated the walls of major museums, inspired many pieces of music, and been reproduced in street art works and merchandise items.

Now LEGO pays homage to this important Japanese art masterpiece with a brick version. In fact, the canvas has been faithfully reproduced by LEGO designers with a total of 1,810 pieces, spread over multiple layers to recreate the features and depth of the original work.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer fans of Japanese art and culture the chance to fully immerse themselves in Hokusai’s work through the relaxing construction of this LEGO Art set dedicated to the Great Wave,” said Annemette Baaskjær Nielsen, LEGO Group Designer. “With this model, fans and fans will be able to not only relax and regain their inner balance, but also delve deeper into the history, style and intricacies of the composition, fueling that very strong interest in the master Hokusai that has continued to fascinate for over two hundred years.”

To make the building experience even more relaxing, brick enthusiasts can listen to a soundtrack dedicated to the Great Wave and browse through the instruction manual that contains many trivia and details about the original work.

The LEGO Art Hokusai: The Great Wave set, is available from January 1 in LEGO Stores, on and at top toy stores.

The Great Wave is now in LEGO bricks: new set dedicated to Japanese art lovers
The Great Wave is now in LEGO bricks: new set dedicated to Japanese art lovers

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