Vandalized Villa Sciarra in Rome

Villa Sciarra in Rome was stormed by vandals overnight. Starting today, the gates of the villa will remain closed overnight.

Yesterday morning Villa Sciarra, an urban villa in Rome overlooking the slopes of the Janiculum Hill, was found devastated: plaques destroyed, children’s toys and precious vases overturned, a statue of the fountain sculpture group destroyed.

Since April 1 last year, the complex has remained open at night, like all other historic villas.

The vandalism occurred just the day before the signing for the agreement with Roma Capitale, which provides for a volunteer service for closing and opening the gates of the Villa by theCarabinieri on Leave "Martyrs of Nassiriya"Association. Availability for this service is extended to parks and historic villas.

The Capitol condemns the act: “Episodes such as these should be denounced forcefully by anyone who cares about the good of the city without seeking alibis or justifications. Degradation, vandalism and damage to common property require, in addition to gates and security cameras, a profound cultural change that starts with legality declined in every moment of civil and administrative life. A change of system that has been initiated in Rome and that we will support with determination in all our choices.”

Source: Ansa - Roma today

Ph.Credit: Villa sciarra fountain

Vandalized Villa Sciarra in Rome
Vandalized Villa Sciarra in Rome

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