Greece says no to Gucci: no parade at the Acropolis, not even for 56 million

Greece says no to Gucci's fashion show at the Acropolis in Athens. The Florentine house had proposed 56 million euros in return.

“Incompatible with the event.” Thus, in a note, the KAS - Kentrikou Archaiologhikou Symbouliu (Central Archaeological Council of Greece) refused to grant the use of theAcropolis of Athens to the Florentine fashion house Gucci, which in return had proposed a financial match to “rent” the Acropolis.

However, the Council unanimously rejected Gucci’s request: “The unique cultural character of the Acropolis monuments is incompatible with the event, as these monuments are symbols of civilization and part of the UNESCO heritage.” However, there is no great clarity on the figures involved. The Greek Reporter website claims that Gucci would put two million euros on the table earmarked for restorations in exchange for granting the space for a three-quarter-hour fashion show with international guests, including Hollywood stars. In contrast, the Athenaiko-Makedoniko newspaper reports the figure of one million euros for the show, and 55 million for “promotional activities” and to get permission to broadcast the show worldwide.

Greek Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou, speaking at the microphones of TV station ERT, showed appreciation for the choice of KAS, with which she said she agreed 100 percent. The director of the Acropolis Museum, Dimitri Pantermalis, on the other hand, stated that “The Parthenon and the Acropolis do not need publicity. There would be no benefit from this event. The point is that we do not want to diminish a cultural symbol by placing a stage in front of it, because the main protagonist would have been the parade, and not the Acropolis.”

Ettore Livini of Repubblica, commented on the news this way,"Poor yes, in short, but not enough to put the soul of the country up for sale [...].The history (and dignity) of Greece is not for sale. Not even today when the state is almost bankrupt."

Sources: Kathimerini - Greek Reporter - ANMA Athenaiko-Makedoniko - Republic.

February 16 update.
Gucci issued a note through which it refuted the figures claimed by the media, “We confirm that we have had a meeting with the Greek authorities to explore the possibility of a long-term cultural collaboration project. Our brand is not new to such initiatives; in recent years we have collaborated with institutions such as Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Minsheng Museum in Shanghai, Chatsworth House in England and LACMA in Los Angeles. Published speculations regarding alleged direct or indirect economic commitments or offers are without merit.”

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Greece says no to Gucci: no parade at the Acropolis, not even for 56 million
Greece says no to Gucci: no parade at the Acropolis, not even for 56 million